Fox News' Sean Hannity Attacks Bolton, Invites Him on Show to Explain Himself: 'Come Here… This Is Your Old Home'

Fox News host Sean Hannity attacked John Bolton on Tuesday evening over a leaked manuscript of the former national security adviser's upcoming book that claimed President Donald Trump confirmed the existence of a quid pro quo in his dealings with Ukraine. The host also challenged Bolton to come on his show to explain himself.

Republicans and Trump allies—including Hannity and the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani—have repeatedly attempted to discredit Bolton in recent days, after revelations from his unpublished memoirs were leaked to the press. In the book, the former national security adviser reportedly claims that Trump told him last August that he wanted to continue withholding military aid to Ukraine until the country's officials agreed to help probe his Democratic rivals. Bolton's comments contradict assertions of no quid pro quo made by the president's legal defense team.

During Fox News' Hannity, the host, one of Trump's most vocal supporters, condemned Bolton and cast doubt on his claims. "I've known John Bolton for I think, two decades, thereabouts. I have a message for John Bolton tonight," he said. "He used to be a colleague here at the Fox News channel."

Hannity then recounted a conversation he had with Bolton before he was appointed Trump's national security adviser.

"I remember when John was first up for the job of national security adviser... He wanted this job badly," he said. "I spoke on an occasion to John Bolton, and I asked him why he wanted the job and I also remember asking him, well, you know, Donald Trump's foreign policy positions are very different than your foreign policy positions. Would you be willing to serve his agenda, not yours? Again, I've known him for two decades."

Hannity went on to claim that he no longer recognizes Bolton following his Ukraine claims. "Now, I'm not today recognizing the guy that I thought I knew," the host said, before challenging Bolton to come on his show to explain his actions.

"John Bolton, I say to you tonight, you have something to say, John, come here," he added. "You worked here. This is your old home. Come on the show, and have your say on this show. We've invited you repeatedly, radio and TV, over the past number of weeks."

Newsweek reached out to Javelin Literary, Bolton's publishing agent, and Simon & Schuster, the book's publisher, for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Hannity was not the only Trump ally to have attempted to discredit Bolton this week. In a preview of an interview with CBS This Morning, set to air on Wednesday, Giuliani called Bolton a "classic backstabber."

"I feel like I have a swamp character here," Giuliani said. "I find his testimony about the president pretty close to incredible. I can't imagine that the President of the United States said that to him."

John Bolton
Sean Hannity requested that John Bolton "come home" and appear on an episode of "Hannity" to explain the allegations within his upcoming memoir. Mark Wilson/Getty