Fox News' Shepard Smith Shreds Puerto Rico Governor for Refusing to Resign: 'Who's Left to Support You?'

Fox News host Shepard Smith on Monday staunchly rebuked embattled Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló for refusing to resign after his leaked group chat messages sparked protests calling for him to step down.

Recently leaked chat messages between Rosselló and his staff revealed that the governor had joked about Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico, as well as made misogynistic and homophobic comments. Despite widespread protests calling for his removal from office over the offensive obscenity-laden messages, Rosselló has confirmed he will not seek reelection, but continuously declined to step down.

Rosselló appeared on Fox News for his first one-on-one interview since the scandal began more than a week ago. During the roughly 15-minute-long interview, Smith grilled Rosselló on why he won't resign and why he hasn't issued an appropriate apology.

"The corruption is rampant in Puerto Rico," Smith said to the governor. "Economically Puerto Rico is in a fiscal crisis, $70 billion in debt, and a 13-year recession. In the leaked nearly-900 pages of profanity laced messages... you made light of the casualties of Hurricane Maria, you casually tossed homophobic and misogynistic remarks, you were calling the Puerto Rican former New York City council speaker... a whore."

He continued: "Attacks on women, attacks on gays, attacks on the dead relatives of your own residents across your own island and after all that, who's left to support you? Is it even safe for you to continue to attempt to govern?"

Rosselló defended himself by saying that he has apologized and is "making amends."

"Have you appropriately apologized to Ricky Martin? Have you apologized to the survivors, the people who died in the storm that ravaged your island? Have you appropriately come forward to ask for forgiveness and the hope to move on?," Smith continued. "Because the looks of your streets today would suggest the people don't believe you have."

"What will end these demonstrations as long as you're still in office?" the host asked.

"Again, I have apologized to some of them," Rosselló responded, "my effort is to apologize to all of them... I apologize."

When asked what "inspired" him to say the offensive remarks, Rosselló attempted to backtrack on his apology, saying "some of that language is not mine," in an effort to blame his aides.

Smith interrupted the mayor by reminding him of the words he used in the group chat. "It was someone else who said, 'Oh, I'd like to shoot the female mayor of San Juan,' and then it was you who said, 'Oh, you would be doing me a great favor,'" the host said.

"Everything that was said I assume responsibility for," Rosselló replied. "I apologize for it. But I just wanted to establish, I am in a position to apologize to everybody to make an effort to reconciliation."

During the heated interview, Rosselló named local San Sebastian mayor, Javier Jiménez, as one of his few remaining supporters. According to CBS News, Jiménez denied the claim.

Ten of thousands of Puerto Ricans took to the highways and streets on Monday with banners and signs calling for Rosselló's removal from office. The demonstrations, reportedly the largest on the island in over a decade, came ten days after the 889-page group chat messages were leaked.

Watch the Fox News segment below:

Shepard Smith Puerto Rico Governor
Fox News host Shepard Smith on Monday tore into Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló for choosing not to resign after his leaked group chat resulted in widespread protests. Fox News/Screenshot