Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Claims Immigration Advocates Are Telling Americans: 'You're Dying, We're Gonna Replace You'

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson continued his repeated fearmongering about the topic of immigration on Tuesday evening. Fox News Screenshot

Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned his viewers that immigrants were replacing Americans as he repeatedly interrupted his guest during a fear-mongering rant on migration yesterday.

On Tuesday night, the Tucker Carlson Tonight anchor spoke over his guest Luis Miranda, a former communications director for the Democratic National Committee, after he attempted to explain that immigrants have "made our economy a lot stronger over the years."

"Our population is aging, we have baby boomers retiring and a lot of the people that we are able to replace in the economy are because of immigration now. We want to do that ideally in a legal and orderly fashion..." Miranda said.

Carlson suddenly cuts the statement short and interjects: "Wait, can I stop you there and ask you a question? I need to ask this question."

"Nobody seems to pause and ask 'why can't young people afford to have children, afford to buy homes and cars' and the elite solution is that we will just bring in new people? But what about the Americans? Does anybody care about that person," he continued.

Miranda then attempts to answer the host's question before being interrupted by Carlson again.

"I'm an American. My concern is for my fellow Americans. And they can't afford to have children," the host said. "But rather than fix their problems or even think about them we are like 'we'll just import new children.' Does that seem like a sort of ass-backward way to approach this?"

"Those are not mutually exclusive things," Miranda replied.

"You are saying our low birthrates are a justification for immigration. I'm saying our low birthrates are a tragedy that, say, something awful about the economy and the selfish stupidity of our leaders," Carlson continued.

The host went on to defend his views, claiming he's not "against the immigrants" before ending the segment.

"I'm not demonizing anybody. I'm not against the immigrants. I'm just for the Americans. Nobody cares about them. It's like, shut up, you're dying, we're gonna replace you. And it's deeply–Anyway we are out of time I hope you hope you will come back. I enjoyed that conversation."

Watch the clip below: