Fox Tortures 'X-Files' Fandom With Second Teaser

scully and mulder
David Duchovny, left, and Gillian Anderson arrive for the British premiere of the film "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" in London's Leicester Square on July 30. Stephen Hird/Reuters

Leave it to Fox to keep slowly, torturously dangling the impending X-Files reboot before our binge-watch-ready eyes. On Thursday the network released another few seconds of a teaser from the January premiere of the show, slated as a six-episode-long miniseries, on its YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, fans have even less to go on this time around. The first part of the new teaser is the same as the one Fox released earlier this month: a fallen turbine, troops approaching a mysterious matter, bloody bodies being dragged and a sinister-looking probe about to poke someone. The only addition in the second teaser is a brooding, scruffy Mulder (Get some sleep, Spooky!), asking his counterpart: "Are you ready for this, Scully?" She replies, sadly: "I don't know there's a choice," and then that dang title card comes up again and shatters our illusions. We want to believe, but we can only do so, Fox, if you have a bit of mercy on us.

Fans with a little extra time on their hands can attempt to extract meaning from the even briefer X-Files fragment following last week's episode of Wayward Pines. Put down your iPhone and squint a bit, and you can see the dynamic duo lurking in the dark, Scully clutching a gun. Who are they running from? Is there extraterrestrial life at all? Why are none of my questions about the X-Files ever answered concretely?

Ever the diplomat, X-Files star Gillian Anderson in a recent TVLine interview called the impending premiere "slow, intense and functional," so we all know what that means: Mulder and Scully probably won't be sniffing out the truth anytime soon.

The truth is, we're all Chris Carter's fools. But we'll be damned if it won't be a relief to see Mulder and Scully again, even if it's only in seconds-long, enigmatic snippets. Our society need his show more than ever in this uncertain Information Age.