Fragrance Of The Pharaohs

Anyone can smell like a modern celebrity: all it takes is a bottle of J. Lo or Paris Hilton perfume. But now women can bathe themselves in the scent once allegedly worn by Cleopatra. Nenufar, dubbed the ancient queen's sacred scent by the British perfumery Scents of Time, consists of a blue-lotus-flower fragrance with notes of nutmeg, angelica, patchouli, heliotrope and almond ($119; www.scents Modern-day alchemist David Pybus has scoured the ruins of Egypt to re-create the range of lost fragrances, which also includes Ankh, a scent dedicated to King Tut. Using forensic science, Pybus develops the scents based on an "aromaprint" preserved in the sites that is embellished with modern notes. For the citrus-and-jasmine-infused Pyxis fragrance, he unearthed the formula of a Roman Empire-era perfumer named Sperato who was buried at Pompeii. Some folks, it seems, will travel through time just to smell good.