Cardi B to Star in Potential 'Nanny' Reboot? Fran Drescher Thinks She Should

Imagine turning your television on and seeing Cardi B and Fran Dresher wearing animals prints, walking into Mr. Sheffield's Upper East Side Apartment with bags from Saks Fifth Avenue hanging on their arms and screeching, "Okuuurrttt!"

It's very well something viewers could see in the future, if Dresher gets her way. The star of the beloved 1990s sitcom visited PeopleTV's Chatter and said she wanted the Bronx rapper to star in a reboot of The Nanny if the project gets the green light. "I'm totally down with doing it," she said during the interview released on Thursday.

"I don't know what is going on with some of these networks out there because they do not seem to be hip to the fact that there's an obsession among millennials for the show and moi," Drescher said.

Should a reboot for The Nanny find a network home, Drescher knew exactly who she'd want to star on the show. "I wanna do a sitcom with Cardi B," she said. "Wouldn't she be great as my daughter?"

As solid of an idea as it is—an idea hundreds of Cardi and Dresher fans already seem to be asking for it on social media—it was actually inspired by the "I Like It" rapper.

During Milan Fashion Week Cardi attended a show dressed head-to-toe in exotic prints. In one of the photos shared on Instagram, Cardi referred to herself as "Fran Drescher" in the caption. Drescher saw the snapshot and said she was "so flattered."

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"I just thought she paid homage to me wearing animal print and said 'Fran Drescher,'" the 61-year-old said. "And then I got my juices flowing and thought, 'Wait a minute, she's from New York, we both have funny voices, she could be my daughter!'"

Drescher said Cardi, a Latina woman, wouldn't be the daughter of Maxwell Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy)—the family patriarch Fran married in Season 5—but rather she'd have the former Love & Hip Hop New York star come from another relationship with a man of color. "Not from me and Mr. Sheffield, I would have to have a man of color. I'm down with the brothers," Drescher said.

Although a reboot of The Nanny isn't currently in the works, Drescher revealed it's something she and ex-husband and the original show's co-creator, Peter Marc Jacob, are discussing. "We're talking about it. Peter and I are talking about it," Drescher said.