Love is Blind: Where Francesca Farago's Reunion Outfit Is From – And What it Says About Her

Francesca Farago's surprise appearance on Love Is Blind: After The Altar shocked many fans of the Netflix reality show.

Three reunion episodes followed the cast of the popular dating series as they celebrated the second wedding anniversary of the show's two success story couples, Amber and Matt Barnett, and Lauren and Cameron Hamilton.

The milestone was bittersweet for Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers as it also marked two years since Gibelli was left at the altar when Powers announced he no longer wanted to marry her.

Despite this devastating blow to their relationship, the pair continued to date after the show finished. Two years on, their romance appears to have remained rocky, not helped by Powers' friendship with Too Hot To Handle star Farago.

Things ultimately came to a head when unbeknownst to Gibelli, Powers invited Farago to the Hamiltons' and Barnetts' anniversary party.

Francesca Farago appears in Love Is Blind
Francesca Farago arrives to the Hamiltons' and Barnetts' black tie anniversary party in the Netflix show 'Love Is Blind: After The Altar.' Netflix

Not only did her presence ruffle feathers among the cast, her choice of outfit also set tongues wagging on social media.

"Why did Francesca wear that outfit?" one Twitter user asked, adding: "She looks comfy cozy. This was not the event ma'am."

"Francesca is massively underdressed to this anniversary party and I feel like this is Damian's fault for not letting her know the dress code," another wrote.

While the dress code of the party was said to be black tie, with many of the women wearing floor length evening gowns, Farago arrived in a white crop top, flared leggings, a faux fur coat worn off the shoulder and accessorised her look with a Dior Saddle Bag.

Where is Francesca's Outfit From?

The anniversary party took place back in November 2020, so it may not be possible to find the exact items Farago wore on the show, but fans on Twitter have speculated that it could have been from PrettyLittleThing, Fashion Nova or a similar fast fashion brand.

Farago has previously shared sponsored posts for both brands on her Instagram feed.

Newsweek reached out to these retailers, but found similar pants available on both sites.

What Is the Etiquette on Breaking a Dress Code?

According to etiquette authority Debrett's, a black tie dress code requires attendees to wear tuxedos—consisting of a black wool dinner jacket with silk lapels and covered buttons, a white evening shirt with a turn-down collar, cufflinks and studs, and black trousers with a natural taper—an evening dress or skirt with black or sheer tights, or evening trousers.

It's clear that Francesca's outfit didn't meet these rules and caused a stir online.

Love Is Blind: After The Altar party
The cast of Love Is Blind reunite at the Hamiltons' and Barnetts' black tie anniversary party for Netflix show 'Love Is Blind: After The Altar.' Netflix

"Ignoring a dress code is a statement of non-conformity by someone who feels that rules are made to be broken," Karina Taylor, a personal stylist at dating agency Select Personal Introductions, explained.

"Only someone who wants to be the center of attention, or enjoys causing a stir will want to single themselves out."

Debrett's etiquette adviser, Liz Wyse agreed, adding: "A flamboyant, not-compliant, outfit could be understood to signal a certain amount of contempt or disrespect for the hosts. It is also an extremely effective way of attracting notice and attention, though not necessarily positive."

"It is never a good idea to ignore the dress code. It is stated for a reason, and the assumption is that everyone will comply, which avoids embarrassment and grandstanding."

Asked if there is ever an occasion where it would be socially acceptable to flout the rules of a dress code, Wyse explained simply: "Whatever your reason for attending a party, if you choose to participate then you should wear the appropriate clothes."

For hosts troubled by a guest who ignores their dress code requirements, the best thing to do is ignore them.

"While it is extremely annoying for the host to see their dress codes flouted, the best reaction is to maintain a dignified silence," Wyse said.

"Presumably anyone who arrives at a party dressed in a travesty of the requested dress code is desperately seeking attention, or making a contemptuous statement, so the best policy is not to rise to the bait by displaying an emotional reaction."

While Farago may have found herself locking horns with Gibelli in the fight for Powers' affections, thankfully her outfit appeared to have avoided the scrutiny of the Hamiltons and Barnetts, who were too busy celebrating their love.

Francesca Farago, Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli
Francesca Farago and Damian Powers are confronted by Giannina Gibelli on Netfllix show 'Love Is Blind: After The Altar' Netflix

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