François Tajan: My Weekend

François chose a career in auctioneering in 1990 by joining the family auction firm Tajan S A. He moved to Artcurial 15 years later and has since auctioned more than 80,000 works as well as leading auctions for several humanitarian causes.

Friday evening

Friday evening is strictly family time. We'll have dinner, sometimes at home, but I prefer to go to restaurants. There are a few nice ones not far from where I live in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. I work on La Rive Droite but I prefer to live on La Rive Gauche. I also like to cook, especially pasta. My grandmother was half-Italian so I used to eat a lot of it and I'm quite good with it now. My signature dish is pasta with tuna, pepper, anchovy, olive, lemon and mint. The mint is very important.

Saturday morning

I'lI have a cup of coffee and some orange juice quite early, then I'll walk for about an hour on the Quai d'Orsay. It's nice because you go under all of Paris's bridges and the Louvre is just in front of you. Every Saturday I'm like a tourist who just discovered the fantastic beauty of Paris. It's important to have this personal, individual time to myself.

Saturday afternoon

I might visit an exhibition at La Maison Rouge. It's quite small, I think it was an old factory but it has been revived to host contemporary art exhibitions. I have been an art fan since I was 17, when my father was an auctioneer, and I used to collect ceramics and glass.

Saturday evening

I like to go to rock concerts. I used to play drums for 10 years, just for fun, when I was a teenager. I still try to play with my old bandmates now and again. I like new wave music. I am 53 so bands like New Order, Simple Minds, Siouxsie and the Banshees – this is my generation. When they are on stage in Paris I will always try to see them. I saw The Sisters of Mercy not so long ago. It was great.

Sunday morning

Sometimes I go to Artcurial, to organise upcoming exhibitions and to spend a few hours seeing clients. There is a very nice bookshop there so I will browse new books on contemporary art, rock'n'roll and design. It's one of the best bookshops in Paris. Then I might come home with a book, and spend an hour or two reading.

Sunday afternoon

About once a month, I'll go to Monte Carlo, because my father is from there. We organise auctions, and I have quite a lot of friends and clients there. I'll stay at the Hôtel Hermitage, where we hold an auction every summer – for things like jewellery, watches and Hermès vintage. I like Monte Carlo very much. The weather is nice, it is quiet, the people are polite, the sea sparkles. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents there when I was young. It's like an old Italian village but it's also completely international.

Other than that, I might watch a football match with my two boys – one is 25, one is 11. I'm a Monaco fan, so I'll try to see their matches. Unfortunately, my sons support Paris Saint-Germain, but that's life.

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