Frank James Named Suspect in Brooklyn Shooting, Eric Adams Vows To Find Him

Frank James, a man previously deemed a person of interest following a subway shooting in Brooklyn on Tuesday, has been named as a suspect, according to the New York City mayor's office.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams' press secretary, Fabien Levy, tweeted that James is no longer simply a person of interest.

"Breaking: NYCMayor just announced that Frank James is now a suspect in yesterday's subway shooting and no longer just a person of interest," Levy wrote on his Twitter page.

In a previous tweet, Levy also highlighted the New York Police Department would be increasing the security presence around the Mayor due to James' past comments about the mayor.

Politico New York reporter Erin Durkin also highlighted Eric Adam's latest comments on James in a tweet.

"[Frank James] upgraded from 'person of interest' says [Eric Adams] 'We're going to find this person," Durkin tweeted, quoting the mayor.

James' current whereabouts are not yet known by authorities.

Following the shooting, Adams pledged to double the number of police officers in the city's subway system.

Sixteen people were injured at 36th Street station after a suspect wearing a gas mask opened fire, shooting people in a subway car and on the platform as a train pulled into the station.

After the shooting, Mayor Adams called for stricter gun laws and praised the response of emergency services.

"Killers are using weapons of mass destruction to kill innocent people. Ending gun violence means changing gun laws," Adams tweeted.

"We cannot clean up a flood when water is still pouring into the basement. We cannot stop until the peace we deserve becomes the reality we experience."

In a follow-up tweet, he added: "Thank you to our first responders, MTA employees and ordinary New Yorkers who ran into danger to protect our neighbors from violence.

"Because of your courage and the quick work of our hospitals, we can confirm that none of the victims have life-threatening injuries."

Before James was identified as a suspect, officials said they were searching for him because of his links to evidence found near the crime scene. A reward of $50,000 was announced for information that could lead to his whereabouts.

Police described the suspected gunman as being around 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weighing around 175-200 pounds. He was last seen wearing a gas mask, an orange construction vest and a grey hooded sweatshirt.

James has addresses in Philadelphia and Wisconsin, authorities announced on Tuesday evening. Anyone with information is asked to call NYPD Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or Philadelphia police at 215-686-TIPS.

Frank James Eric Adams
Person of interest in the Brooklyn subway shooting, Frank James, left, made threats on YouTube. New York City Mayor Eric Adams, right, speaks onstage during the 2022 ReelAbilities Film Festival at IAC Building in New York City on April 07, 2022. Adams has vowed to find James and named him as a suspect. Dia Dipasupil/Prophet oftruth88 @YouTube /Getty Images