'Free Brady' Protesters Arrested for Storming NFL Offices Over Deflategate Suspension

Four men were arrested for protesting in the NFL's New York City headquarters on May 12, 2015. Lisa Kraus Edwards/Twitter

On Tuesday afternoon, four men were arrested for protesting Tom Brady's suspension from the New England Patriots at NFL headquarters in New York City. Brady was suspended for four games on Monday evening for his role in Deflategate.

The group first began protesting outside of building, holding signs that read "Hate us cause they ain't us," "Fire Goodell," and "Kensil's a bitch." They chanted "Free Brady."

"They handcuffed themselves to each other in the lobby and sat there," a public information officer with the NYPD told Newsweek. They did not resist arrest and were "compliant." The officer was unsure how long the protesters managed to stay in the lobby before being apprehended.

Patriots protesters have handcuffed themselves together in lobby of @NFL offices. Expecting police arrival. pic.twitter.com/Tc5ah9XkyK

— Lisa Kraus Edwards (@LAKEdwards) May 12, 2015

According to one witness, the Patriots fans will be held overnight at Central Booking for their stunt. The NYPD did not specify the charges against them.

#Patriots fans taken to Central Booking in New York City. They will be kept overnight for their stunt in #NFL lobby. pic.twitter.com/lrZVRbLqKQ

— Lisa Kraus Edwards (@LAKEdwards) May 12, 2015

#Patriots "Free Brady" guys led out by police in front of #NFL offices pic.twitter.com/cxp9gGNJLh

— Lisa Kraus Edwards (@LAKEdwards) May 12, 2015