French Bulldog Caught Destroying Owner's Groceries in Hilarious Video

A woman was infuriated when she got all her groceries home in one piece, only to find her dog ransacking the shopping bags before she put everything away.

The viral video was shared on TikTok (@firthponies) showing a cheeky French bulldog named Betty investigating the groceries.

French bulldogs are loving family dogs, but they can require a lot of training to become house-trained pets, according to the American Kennel Club. The breed typically has very large personalities, so regular training is recommended to temper their antics.

There was no way for Betty to protest her innocence after the poster caught the dog wearing the shopping bag like a cape, as she'd gotten tangled up in it. The owner captioned the video to say that her Frenchie is "so naughty," after once again getting caught causing mischief.

French Bull Dog Goes Through Groceries
Stock image of a French bull dog. This owner was shocked to find her Frenchie going through the grocery shopping she just brought home. Firn/Getty Images

Dogs are curious at heart, and they often want to get involved in everything they see around them. However, it's still important to set boundaries with the dog to ensure they don't get their teeth into anything that could be potentially harmful.

Dog behavior expert Sally Grottini has been training dogs for 30 years, working with all breeds, service dogs and therapy dogs too.

Grottini has taught numerous commands to dogs. However, she says that the most fundamental one is the "leave it" order.

Speaking to Newsweek about the need for owners to teach this command, Grottini said: "The best way to keep a dog from touching human food is to train a leave it command. When you train this, you will start with objects and then work your way up to food.

"To train 'leave it', start with an object that is not so exciting to the dog, such as a basic toy. When the dog shows interest in getting it, you give a leave it command and quickly reward the dog with a piece of kibble or two."

Once the basic level has been mastered, Grottini suggests upping the ante with an even better reward each time you make some progress with the command.

While the command can prevent nightmares like this happening with the shopping, it can also be incredibly useful for stopping dogs from reacting to things they see outside, such as cars, people or other dogs.

"Leave it should be taught to every dog. This command, when taught correctly, tells the dog to stop what it's doing and return its attention to the owner," Grottini continued.

"It's a vital command for every dog, as it will help with barking, taking things it shouldn't have, chasing animals or cars."

The video, captioned "well Betty can't deny it was her," has generated over 711,000 views in the weeks since it was posted, and more than 34,000 likes.

Hundreds of people have commented on the video, sharing their amusement and disbelief at the havoc the dog managed to cause. One person commented on the video: "I'm crying at Betty and her bag for life," and another person joked: "It wasn't Betty, she's just cleaning up the mess with her bag."

Newsweek asked @firthponies for comment.

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