Owner Says French Bulldog Choked on Dog Biscuit in Starbucks 'Puppuccino'

A British woman was reportedly left "heartbroken" after her French bulldog puppy choked to death after Starbucks staff put a dog biscuit in its "puppuccino."

Megan Harrison, 24, was visiting the branch in Festival Park, Stoke-on-Trent in September, and bought the beverage, which had whipped cream on top of it, to give to her three canines at home. However, staff at the coffee store added Bonio dog biscuits. Harrison told the British press she was not aware they added them.

Harrison of Crewe, England, was horrified to see her 18-month-old French bulldog puppy Bonnie had died after finishing her treat. Her and her fiancé spent 10 minutes trying to remove the biscuit and doing CPR, but was unable to save the puppy, she said.

Harrison was "absolutely disgusted" by Starbucks' response after they offered her a £250 voucher as compensation.

Starbucks told the British press that they were "really upset" to hear about Bonnie and said puppucinos were not official items on its UK menu. The coffee chain admitted that dog biscuits are not usually provided, but claimed its staff asked Harrison whether her dogs wanted one on this occasion. Harrison does not recall being asked.

Bonio manufacturer Purina said the health and wellbeing of pets is their "number one priority" and that they don't supply dog biscuits to restaurants and cafés because pet owners would be unable to read the feeding guidelines on the biscuit packages. Purina passed on "sincere condolences" to Harrison and her partner.

'It's so heart-breaking, I'll never really be over it. She was just so funny and lovely and had a really big personality," Harrison was reported as saying in the UK media.

'She's had them [cream-only puppuccinos] before. I'd go to Starbucks with just Bonnie and it used to be a thing that me and her did as a treat. This was the first time it had a biscuit with it.

'I wasn't watching her every second because she'd had them before and it was never an issue, but there was never a biscuit in there [on previous occasions])."

Harrison said she was in the living room while her dog munched the treat in the kitchen.

'She had the puppuccino, ate the biscuit, went to go and get a drink of water and then she lay in her bed and obviously that's when she died, she choked but it was silent,' Harrison said.

Her partner's brother found her before she saw the puppy lying on the floor.

"Her tongue was out and eyes were open, I knew that she'd gone," Harrison said. Her partner contacted Starbucks to let them know what happened after Bonnie died.

Harrison was reported as saying in the British press that she was "disgusted" by Starbuck's response when she spoke with them.

"It wasn't like ''Oh, I'm really sorry that this has happened'', it felt more like 'I'm really sorry but what can we do to get you back in store?'

"That's all they seemed bothered about and it angered me so much.

"They shouldn't have biscuits in them anyway, a puppuccino is just meant to be a cup of whipped cream."

"I tried telling Starbucks this but all they offered me was a £250 gift card and I'm not being funny but she's worth more than £250 worth of coffee.

"I emailed them back and said ''I don't want a gift card for your store because I'm not going to be a customer again, it's pointless''."

French bulldog puppy
A puppy French Bulldog poses as the 2013 most popular dog breeds in the US are unveiled to the press at the American Kennel Club in New York on January 31, 2014. A British woman was left “heartbroken” after her French bulldog puppy choked to death after Starbucks staff put a dog biscuit in its “puppuccino.” Emmanuel Dunand/Getty