French President Emmanuel Macron Working Despite COVID Symptoms Amid Claims He Broke Pandemic Rules

French President Emmanuel Macron is carrying on with his duties despite his recent COVID-19 diagnosis, according to a statement from the Elysée Palace on Saturday.

Macron began seven days of isolation after showing some symptoms of the virus on Friday amid some criticism that he had broken his own government's guidelines.

"The medical condition of the president is stable compared with ... Friday," the Elysée said. "He presents similar COVID-19 symptoms which do not prevent him from fulfilling his obligations."

Macron reportedly has a fever, fatigue and a dry cough. He's isolating at the presidential residence of La Lanterne in Versailles, former home of France's kings.

Speaking to the nation on Thursday in what appeared to be a self-recorded video, Macron said he wanted to be "totally transparent" about his diagnosis.

"I am doing well," Macron said. "Normally, there is no reason for it to evolve in a bad way."

The French president said him getting the disease "shows that the virus really can touch everyone, because I am very protected and am very careful. Despite everything I caught this virus – perhaps, doubtless, a moment of negligence, a moment of bad luck too."

🔴« Le Président de la République présente un état de santé stable par rapport à la journée de vendredi. Il présente toujours les mêmes symptômes de la maladie #Covid 19 (fatigue, toux, courbatures) qui ne l’empêchent en rien de remplir ses fonctions » (Elysée) #Macron

— Guillaume Daret (@GuillaumeDaret) December 19, 2020

Macron has faced criticism for apparently breaching France's COVID-19 rules in recent weeks. Though he's mostly appeared in public wearing a mask, he's also been caught on camera ignoring the country's rules.

Macron hosted a dinner at the Elysée Palace on Wednesday night which was attended by at least 10 officials and reportedly lasted until midnight. This violates a rule that allows gatherings of only six people who must return home by 8pm, according to BBC News.

"Where the heck are the police? An irresponsible person infected with Covid is hosting a dinner with more than 10 people," left-wing politician Eric Coquerel joked on Twitter this week.

Macron was also seen shaking hands with and partially embracing Angel Gurría, head of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development on Monday. Though both of them wore masks at the time, they later said touching had been a "mistake."

Macron is one of many national leaders to be diagnosed with COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. These include President Donald Trump, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

It's not clear how Macron caught the disease but there's speculation he could have come into contact with it during meetings with European Union officials and the leaders of other European governments.

 President Emmanuel Macron Wearing a Face Mask
French President Emmanuel Macron wearing a protective face mask listens to Portugal's Prime Minister Antonio Costa during a joint statement prior to their meeting at the Elysée Presidential Palace on December 16, in Paris. Macron is self-isolating with symptoms of COVID-19. Chesnot/Getty Images