Friend Goes Viral for Helping Manager Clean Restaurant After Staff Bailed

A manager said she was forced to call in the help of a friend to close a restaurant after so many workers pulled out of their shifts.

Manager and TikTok user @thejunglecatlady took to the app to share the moment, explaining that she at least found humor in the situation.

According to the manager, the friends had plans to go out after her shift, but they were seemingly put aside when she was left to close the restaurant alone.

"Having to close as a manager, and had people call out so that you have to do all the work, so you call your friend and beg them to help even though they don't work there so you can go out for drinks," she wrote on-screen.

Surveillance footage posted by the manager showed the friend sweeping the floor of the empty restaurant, with chairs stacked on top of tables ready to close.

In a comment, the manager explained that she did buy him a drink after to say thank you. "Just one. He's expensive," she joked.

A lack of workers is certainly not a unique experience for managers or restaurants. Last year, the U.S. saw what has been dubbed as "The Great Resignation" when more than 47 million workers quit their jobs.

The aftermath, along with difficulties faced hiring staff after re-opening post-lockdowns, left a prolonging labor shortage across the U.S., with companies low on workers despite huge amounts of job seekers.

Restaurants in particular took a big hit and according to reports, signs on windows proclaiming a lack of staff became commonplace in restaurants across the country.

A 2021 study by Black Box Intelligence and Snagajob found that mental health, child care and opportunities in other industries were among the largest factors for leaving.

This manager's solution to her own personal labor shortage was praised online, as viewers celebrated the friend for his efforts.

"That's a real should be grateful," wrote one user.

"Thank god for friends like him," added another.

Others were left recalling similar situations they experienced helping out their own friends to get the job done. "My buddy called me and asked me to help him close up at Taco Bell and I went in and we closed even though I never worked there," wrote one.

"I would do this for my homegirl because her mom would give her tons of chores so she couldn't go out," remembered another.

Newsweek has contacted @thejunglecatlady for comment.