Friends Chat up Their 'Hot' Neighbors Via Notes on the Window in Viral Video

A woman who recently moved decided to chat up her "hot" neighbors—by sticking signs on her window.

juliabialaa shared her modern-day love story on her TikTok page, revealing she's recently moved to the Netherlands.

Julia, who describes herself as a "German girl living in Amsterdam," claims she spotted her neighbors who live across the street, and decided to be their friend.

She shared the whole saga online, saying: "Omg we moved to Amsterdam and realized we have two hot neighbors. So we decided we want to become friends with them."

As they had no contact details they decided to use retro methods of communication—a pen and paper.

Julia initially wrote "hi," on a piece of paper and stuck it in the window, and it soon caught her neighbor's eye.

She filmed their back-and-forth, as she followed up her greeting with "how are you?" to which her love interest responded with "good," also posting a piece of paper on the window.

Julia said: "We didn't have their phone number so we put a little sign on our window. Omg they replied. Let's be brave. Hopefully they don't think we're weird."

She took the plunge and wrote "wanna be friends" and stuck it on the glass, and miraculously it did the trick.

"Omg they opened their window and want to talk," she continued.

Keeping fans updated, Julia revealed her crush said "what's up, wanna come over?"

Julia and a friend debated the invitation, saying: "They invited us over, should we go? I don't want to be kidnapped. Never mind, no risk no fun."

She filmed herself and a girlfriend getting ready to go meet their new buddies in the now viral clip, captioned: "Omg I feel like Emily in Paris."

The video has since been watched more than 16 million times as fans demanded an update to the love story.

Nicolelyy commented: "No risk no fun, noted ma'am."

"What in the neighbourhood is this," one TikToker asked.

While Lara thought: "You belong with me, Taylor Swift music video in real life."

"All you had to do was write number? On the paper," As.h pointed out.

Still a Marvel fan spotted: "The fact you wrote it with eyeliner."

Also spotting the make-up mishap, Benmoussa Hajar asked: "Did you just use your eyeliner to write how are you?"

Michelle wrote: "Don't worry Dutch people are very nice."

Max joked: "...and that's how I met your father."

While Natalie.Robinson09 thought: "Imagine getting kidnapped by your neighbour."

Woman painting a love heart
Stock image of a woman painting a love heart. Friends decided to chat up their "hot" neighbors by sticking notes on the window. Anastasiia Yanishevska/Getty Images