Friendship Group Which Rank Each Other's Income Causes Outrage Online

A man has gone viral for making a video about a spreadsheet his friendship group use to breakdown each others' income and travel availability.

In footage posted to TikTok by Tom Cruz, known on the app as Tcruznc, the man can be seen sat on a sofa at home telling viewers: "So a few years ago me and my friends started making a spreadsheet breaking down our incomes and our availability for travel, and it looks like this."

The real estate investor then turns the camera onto the spreadsheet which shows all his friends in ranking order of income beneath the tongue-in-cheek title, taken from Forbes magazine: "World's Billionaire's List. The Richest in 2020."

Cruz then explains, while pointing at the screen, that "this is incredibly helpful to have your friends broken down here from Shawn, my top earning friend, who make over $5 million to who we call Broke Bobby who makes $125,000."

He shared that the spreadsheet is also broken down in terms of "how much available PTO we have, or paid time off. Bonuses. How much we are willing to spend on a three day trip, how much we are willing to spend on a 7 day trip.

"We have some people that are very responsible with seven day trips and some people that have already tapped out for the year."

There is also a column on the spreadsheet on marital status, which Cruz states is because it helps if we "know if there is going to be someone else coming."

A particular highlight of this section is one man's relationship status being described as "Complicated (70% single)".

The spreadsheet, which can be viewed here, also holds clarification on whether any of the friends were willing to visit a third world country, as well as whether they are "willing to split a private flight" and "if they are degenerate gamblers or not."

Cruz then goes on to explain that is his belief that "this list is very pragmatic and also a lot of them are saying it is very motivational.

"So it allows us to avoid awkward situations in our friend group; inviting certain friends that may not want to do what we want to do, especially when it comes to gambling or spending a lot of money."

What in the wealth is this

— Karim Alammuri (@Radio_Reem) August 18, 2021

Although the clip was viewed by Newsweek on TikTok it has since been deleted, however it was captioned: "Am I the only one that has a Forbes Friends list?!? #forbes #investor #friends #fyp #foryou #vacation #fun."

The video has since been shared widely to Twitter with Karim Alammuri sharing it with the comment: "What in the wealth is this?" It has so far been seen 910,700 times.

Many people were shocked at the brazenness of the list with, and took to the comments relay.

Twitter user Andicjay asked: "Do people actually go on tiktok to see rich people humble brag?"

ShilohCyan added: "Friends who call you broke for making 10x the poverty line, don't invite you because of your finances, and put your info on the internet just to mock you?"

Aye_Scotty typed: "Never in a million years did I ever expect to feel myself feeling sorry for someone who makes $92k in a year... like imagine making that kind of money & being one of the "broke" people in your friend group..."

Whereas, _jasminwats observed: "Did anyone notice how the top earners don't have to worry about PTO or bonuses, low paying jobs will have you working for pennies and begging for sick leave.

Cruz also posted another video, on August 18, which is still available to view on TikTok, showing the lowest earners on the list, known as "The Welfare 10."


Reply to @dexxtterrrr The welfare 10c great group of guys. #fyp #foryou #notsatire #lolz #motivation #realestate #investor

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He explains that "a couple of them are unemployed, all of them are under $100,000... expected bonuses not so much."

"We don't even do 7 day trip here, its mostly three day trips, a couple of them are already tapped out."

Cruz went on to explain that: "Big thing to note, I don't care about my friends' income its just very helpful when we are planning road trips or day trips to see where everyone's at money-wise. So, that's the bottom 10."

Newsweek have contacted Cruz for comment.

man and a woman holding cash
A stock image of a man and a woman holding cash. In a viral video a man has shared how he ranks his friends income in a spreadsheet. Getty Images