Frightening Video Shows Python With Exploded Stomach After Eating Whole Cow

A graphic video shows a Burmese python sprawled in the grass with an exploded stomach it incurred from eating a cow. According to the farmer that discovered the python, the snake's stomach actually "ruptured" before it could digest the meal.

Though this particular python didn't survive, pythons have been known to eat rather large animals, including cattle, deer and in some cases, humans.

The incident occurred in Thailand on August 21. Newsflare reported that a farmer was searching for his missing cow when he encountered the snake. He noticed immediately that its stomach had been stretched beyond its capacity, and perhaps in disbelief, took a video of the injured python.

"The python must have been hungry and saw the cow," village official Nirun Leewattanakul told Newsflare. "It then strangled the cow to kill it before swallowing its whole body."

As previously stated, pythons have been known to consume cattle and other large animals. But LiveScience explained in 2019 that due to varying factors such as python size and the size and shape of prey, it's "impossible to know for sure which is the largest animal a snake can swallow."

In an interview with the BBC in 2019, Mary-Ruth Low, conservation and research officer for Wildlife Reserves Singapore told the publication that "Pythons are almost exclusively mammal feeders."

While they tend to stick to rats and other smaller animals, she said that "once they reach a certain size it's almost like they don't bother with rats anymore because the calories are not worth it."

For example, a 32-pound Burmese python swallowed a 35-pound white-tailed deer in 2018. LiveScience claimed that this incident was the "biggest prey-to-predator weight ratio ever documented for Burmese pythons."

There have also been several known instances of pythons eating humans. National Geographic reported in 2017 that a 23-foot python swallowed a 25-year-old man in Indonesia. In 2018, LiveScience reported that a 54-year-old Indonesian woman was also killed and eaten by a python.

Though these deaths are rare, it's important to be careful around these snakes.

As it turns out, the python in Thailand was not large enough to survive after consuming the cow.

Leewattanakul told Newsflare that after the cow died, the python's body swelled

"It was such a scary scene," he added.

Eventually, the eight-year-old snake's stomach exploded.

Authorities reportedly burned and buried the remains of the animals in a vacant area. No other animals were said to have been killed by the serpent.

Burmese python
Stock image of a Burmese python. An incredible video showed a python dead after eating an entire cow. bdspn/iStock