Full Expo-Sure

German officials are fuming over the U.S. decision to drop its plans to build a pavilion at Expo 2000, the world's fair that will be held next summer in Hanover. The problem: lack of funds. "We have a range of important foreign-policy priorities that we're working with Congress to fund," a White House official told NEWSWEEK. "Unfortunately, we couldn't include [Expo 2000] as part of our request."

Many Germans see this as part of a larger pattern. "The feeling is that always when it comes to multinational efforts, the U.S. has no money," says Friedbert Pfluger, a Hanover M.P. He's not the only one who's frustrated. William Rollnick, who was tapped two years ago to organize U.S. participation at Expo 2000, worked tirelessly to drum up government support for a pavilion. "No one was interested," he said.