Full List of Arkansas Lawmakers Who Voted to Ban Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Youth

Arkansas is set to become the first state to ban doctors from providing gender-affirming health care for transgender children after a controversial bill was passed in the state Senate on Monday.

Lawmakers approved the bill, mainly along party lines, in a 28-7 vote in the Republican-controlled Arkansas Senate. The Republican-sponsored bill had earlier passed in the House in a 70-22 vote in favor of the legislation, which was again mainly along party lines.

Bill 1570, called Save Adolescents From Experimentation (SAFE) Act, will now land on Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson's desk, where he is expected to sign it into law.

Unless the bill is vetoed by Hutchinson, doctors would be forbidden from providing hormone treatment or surgery for transgender children and adolescents. It would also ban them from referring minors to other providers for gender-reaffirming treatment.

Ahead of the vote, Republican Senator Alan Clark, a sponsor of the bill, said: "This bill sets out to protect children in an area where they very much need protection."

But, critics of the bill said the legislation will cause severe damage to Arkansas' transgender youth.

According to USA Today, Alphonso David of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBTQ advocacy organization in the country, hit out against the legislation in a televised ad that ran in Arkansas over the weekend.

He said: "For Arkansas to prioritize unpopular, discriminatory bills like the treatment ban during this legislative session, despite the economic devastation the pandemic has had on the state, shows that they prioritize cruelty to children over actually helping Arkansans."

A study published in the November 2019 issue of the Pediatrics journal, titled "Suicidality Disparities Between Transgender and Cisgender Adolescents," said transgender youth had a higher rate of suicide ideation and attempt than adolescents whose gender is the same as that assigned at birth.

Bill 1570 is one of several acts of legislation aimed at restricting medical treatment and access for transgender people that have been debated in southern states. Similar bills that would prohibit transgender treatment for youth are already being heard in Alabama and Tennessee.

Gov. Hutchinson signed the controversial Senate Bill 289, which banned transgender girls from playing in female sports teams. On Friday, he also approved a law that allows doctors to deny treatment to someone because of religious or moral objections. Critics claim it could be used to turn away LGBTQ people.

Full list of Arkansas Senators who voted for Bill 1570 in the Arkansas Senate:

Bob Ballinger (R), Charles Beckham (R), Cecile Herndon Bledsoe (R), Ronald Caldwell (R), Alan Clark (R), Breanne Davi (R). Jonathan Dismang (R), Lance Eads (R), Joyce Elliot (R), Jane Flippo (R).

Trent Garner (R), Ben Gilmore (R), Kim Hammer (R), Bart Hester (R), Jimmy Hickey Jr (R), Ricky Hill (R), Missy Thomas Irvin (R), Blake Johnson (R), Mark Johnson (R), Matthew W. Pitsch (R), Jason Rapert (R).

Terry W. Rice (R), Bill Sample (R), Gary Stubblefield (R), James Sturch (R), Dan Sullivan (R), Larry R. Teague (D), David Wallace (R).

Full list of Arkansas Representatives who voted for Bill 1570 in the Arkansas House:

Sonia Eubanks Barker (R), Justin Boyd (R), John P. Carr (R), Cindy Crawford (R), Brian S. Evans (R), Justin Gonzales (R), Lane Jean (R), Julie Mayberry (R), Ron McNair (R), Aaron Pilkington (R), Nelda Speaks (R), Danny Watson (R).

Howard M Beatty Jr (R), Ken Bragg (R), Frances Cavenaugh (R), Marsh Davis (R), Charlene Fite (R), Michelle Gray (R), Jack Ladyman (R), Rick McClure (R), Stephen Meeks (R), David Ray (R), David Tollett (R), Carlton Wing (R).

Rick Beck (R), Harlan Breaux (R), Joe Cloud (R), Gary Deffenbaugh (R), Lanny Fite (R), Delia J. Haak (R), Mark Lowery (R), Austin McCollum (R), Josh Miller (R), Marcus E. Richmond (R), Dwight Tosh (R), Richard Womack (R).

Mary Bentley (R), Keith Brooks (R), Bruce Coleman (R), Jim Dotson (R), Jack Fortner (R), David Hillman (R), Robin Lundstrum (R), Mark D. McElroy (R), Jon Milligan (R), Johnny Rye (R), Kendon Underwood (R), Jim Wooten (R).

Stan Berry (R), Karilyn Brown (R), Cameron Cooper (R), Les Eaves (R), Tony Furman (R), Mike Holcomb (R), Roger D. Lynch (R), Richard McGrew (R), John Payton (R), Keith Slape (R), Jeff Wardlaw (R).

Mark H. Berry (R), Joshua Paul Bryant (R), Bruce Cozart (R), Jon S. Eubanks, Jimmy Gazaway (R), Steve Hollowell (R), John Maddox (R), Gayla H. McKenzie (R), Clint Penzo (R), Brandt Smith (R), Les Warren (R).

The bill heads to Gov Hutchinson's desk
The controversial 1570 bill aims to restrict transgender youth from accessing gender-affirming healthcare in Arkansas. In this file photo, a rainbow flag flies over the crowd during a press conference by the Human Rights Campaign on the steps of the Arkansas State Capital in Little Rock on April 1, 2015 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Andrea Morales / Stringer/Getty