Is There a Full Moon Tonight? When to See The August Sturgeon Moon

full moon
Full moon near Trona Pinnacles an unusual geological feature of the state’s Desert National Conservation near NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in California. Lauren Hughes/NASA

August's full moon is arriving this weekend, less than a week before September begins. The moon will be visible Saturday and Sunday night at its fullest, assuming there are clear skies.

It won't be until early Sunday morning EDT that the moon actually reaches peak fullness and at that point, it will be light out, so the moon likely won't be visible. The actual time of the full moon is set for Sunday at 7:56 a.m. EDT, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac.

The early morning hours just after midnight until the sun rises Sunday morning will still offer the sight of the nearly full moon, and even Saturday night the moon will look full. On Sunday night the moon will be retreating from full, but will still look as though it's full for the most part, so those hoping to catch a glimpse have two chances at seeing the moon mostly full.

The next full moon after August's won't happen until after the fall equinox that is set to occur September 22. That full moon will happen two days after the equinox on the 24.

The full moon this weekend is called the sturgeon full moon for the lake sturgeon fish that are easier to catch during this time of the year, according to NASA. But the moon is sometimes also called the Grain Moon or the Green Corn Moon among other names, these all come from the names of the crops and foods that can be harvested during the month of August.

Saturn and Mars might also be visible to those who are in an area where the light pollution from the manufactured light sources and the light from the moon aren't too bright. The planets will likely become visible sometime between 8 and 9 p.m. EDT.

To see the moon this weekend, viewers should head outside when it's fully dark out and look up. As long as the weather is clear, as it is forecast to be throughout much of the country, and there's nothing else obstructing the view, like smoke from wildfires, viewers should be able to see the moon.