New Funko Pop! Is the Perfect Representation Of 2020

Funko is releasing the perfect Pop! to sum up 2020 in a nutshell. Capturing the iconic meme that's been shared by practically everyone (you know you've shared it), the This Is Fine Dog can now be shared on your shelves forever as its controlled chaos is displayed adorably in 3D form. Over the years, Funko has tackled many genres such as music, movies, and more. Now the topic of popular internet memes will join the ranks of their "Ad Icons" series of figures.

Funko Icons This is Fine Dog 2020
Funko has captured how most of feel about 2020 in a new Meme Pop! Funko

Newsweek received a statement from Andrew Perlmutter, President of Funko on Thursday, September 10, 2020. "Since introducing the line a few years ago, Pop! Ad Icon figures have been a hit with fans," says Perlmutter. "It seemed quite appropriate that our second Ad Icon meme - the This Is Fine Dog - should be one representative of the year 2020."

Perlmutter adds, "I can't think of characters more representative of pop culture than memes, making them a perfect fit for our brand and fans." This Pop will be an exclusive to Entertainment Earth and you can pre-order one now.

K.C. Green is the artist who originally drew this little dog as part of a web comic strip entitled "On Fire" in 2013. The comic grew in popularity due to the single panel of the dog surrounded by a blazing inferno as he calmly sips his coffee, and the "This is fine" meme was born. This Pop! speaks perfectly to the current times we are in and we are sure that everyone can feel the burn.

Funko Icons This is Fine Dog Package
This Is Fine Dog sits calmly as the world burns around him. Funko

The Pop! is approximately 4.25-inches tall and comes packed in specific artwork to properly show off some flames around the dog. He's perched upon his stool with a coffee cup in paw, with "This is fine" scribbled across the mug. When unboxed, the flames around the stool are shown off brightly. The This is Fine Dog will be number 56 in the Pop! Icons series.

If you want more Pops of the meme genre, then you're in luck as the first one in the series was released earlier this year. The popular Spider-Man Vs. Spider-Man was released as a two pack exclusively on Entertainment Earth.

A Funko representative said that there will be more Ad Icon Meme figures coming in the future.

Which popular meme do you think would be a perfect fit for a Funko Pop!? Are you already clearing room on your shelf to let this dog out? Let us know in the comments!