Funny Viral Trend "Airport Dad" Sees Kids Secretly Film Dads in Airports

Airports can be stressful places especially, according to TikTok, if you are a father.

The hashtag #AirportDad has so far had 41.4 million views on the app, with creators covertly filming their dad's action in airports.

The videos, of which there are many, depict fathers taking command while traveling and organizing their families in a humorously uptight manner.

One video, which has recently gained lots of traction, was posted by Irish TikToker Abbey Strong, known on the app as AbbeyIstrong1, and shows her dad's behavior in an airport in Ireland.

In text overlaying the footage, Strong describes her father's actions, stating: "Straight in the door and he's off. First onto the escalator. Establishing dominance and need for speed.

On the escalator the mask-wearing, middle-aged man then turns back to gesture at his two daughters and wife, and Strong explains: "A condescending wave mid explaining why Emily can't hold her own passport. Enough messing, must regain focus."

The camera then focuses in on Strong's sister Emily, as she separates her liquids before going through the gate, and the text reveals: "The silent treatment for Emily as she did not pack her liquids a week in advance."

In the queue the man's daughter then films him "Quadruple checking the passports in case they've been stolen in the past ten seconds," before adding: "Arrived at the gate in record time after a concerning paced speed walk."

The footage, which can be watched here, then cuts to the family sat on the place, as the dad is handed his wife and daughter's passports. Strong adds that he "demanded passports be returned because only he can be trusted with such important documents".

Strong's video is captioned with the hashtags "#airportmode #airportdad #fyp," and has so far gained a whopping 92,300 views since it was posted on August 30.

Another such video which was posted to the app on July 18 by an account called Cailaita shows her father also in organizational mode, and it can be watched here.

The footage, which has surpassed 501,700 views, begins with her showing him walking "ahead of everyone because we are too slow."

The man, who is wearing a blue shirt, can then be seen looking at his phone as his daughter explains he "rechecks to see if the flights delayed."

He dad can then be seen measuring the suitcases to check they are inline with the rules, and then she admits he "keeps all our passports and covid tests because he only trusts himself."

After more clips of her dad walking ahead again, Cailaita films the moment that hands over the boarding passes to his family, but "only for the check in."

When on the plane the camera then shows the man looking intently at the screen in front of him as the TikToker jokes that he "calculates the pressure in the atmosphere and the speed of the aircraft."

At the baggage reclaim Cailaita films her parent once more, stating that he "waits for the luggage alone because he is the strongest one lol."

Many have taken to Twitter to show their appreciation for the TikTok trend, including Lewis Wiltshire, CEO of digital sport agency Seven League, who wrote: "My 17-year-old has introduced me to the TikTok trends of #HolidayDad and #AirportDad and honestly I have never felt so seen."

An account by the name of Cixastros added: "Nah because the best part about going on holiday is seeing my dad activate airportdad mode he's literally like all the other men on the TikTok."

Missgaijin tweeted: "Thanks to TikTok I have discovered that I am an undercover #AirportDad. And I ain't even sorry about it.

However, not everyone saw their own father in the trend, with Khetskinging revealing: "There is a trend on TikTok called #AirportDad. I'm laughing because that is 100% NOT my father.

"You have to make sure he gets to the airport, which means you have to work around him and physically remove him from whatever meeting to get him to the plane."

Father and daughter in an airport
A stock image of a father and his daughter in an airport. On TikTok the hashtag AirportDad has over 41.4 million views. Getty Images

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