Future Jeep, Ram, Dodge, Chrysler Vehicles Covertly Shown During EV Day 2021

Stellantis's brands are famous for adding Easter egg design treats into their vehicles. The silhouette of the Willys Jeep can be found on the windshield of the Jeep Wrangler and a tyrannosaurus rex holding a raptor in its mouth is on the airbox cover.

Did Stellantis give us EV Easter eggs in its EV Day 2021 videos? The answer looks like "yes".

In four of the brand videos, images and models shown suggest that the design and names of future product have been covertly revealed ahead of any official announcement.


Though Chrysler only has two models at present in the U.S. (Pacifica and 300), earlier this year Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares committed to the brand being an integral part of the company's portfolio.

For years a two-row SUV-like model has been in development at the automaker with inspiration stretching back to the Chrysler Java and Portal concept cars. That vision took a big step forward during EV Day 2021 when Ralph Giles, chief design officer at Stellantis, was shown speaking over video (1:30:04 into the stream) showing a Chrysler concept that rides on one of the new large platforms that Stellantis is developing.

The model was an all-electric, two-row crossover with a face that draws on the Pacifica's looks adding modern and futuristic touches like an LED-enhanced yet simple fascia, panoramic glass roof and dual sliding second-row doors.

Stellantis easter egg
Inside a Chrysler EV concept shown off during Stellantis EV Day 2021. Stellantis

Its interior included a wraparound Jeep Grand Wagoneer-like dashboard with a series of display screens in front of the driver, in the middle of the dashboard and in front of the passenger. A rotary shifter, two cupholders, a flat bottom and top steering wheel and sculpted seats completed the look up front while dual entertainment screens feature on the front seatbacks.

If this model comes to market it could be called "Atlantic". A trademark application for the name was submitted by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (now Stellantis) in 2020 and is still pending.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Chrysler and Dodge told Newsweek, "The short teaser clip shown during the Stellantis EV Day 2021 presentations envisions what a future Chrysler electric vehicle could be. Stellantis is not discussing specific future product plans. But our brands, including Chrysler, are committed to the future of electrified vehicles."


Dodge's EV Day 2021 video showed off a new American muscle car.

Dodge came straight out and told viewers of the EV Day 2021 presentation that it's working on a new electric American muscle car to be brought to market in the coming year. Plenty of questions remain as to its name, but the automaker answered a number of initial inquiries about its looks with a short video featuring the model. Twice during the presentation, the silhouette image of a sports car was shown. This is presumably the new Dodge EV that is coming by 2025.


Watching the Jeep part of the presentation, two things stood out among the promises to create autonomous off-roaders, design lay-flat seats and introduce peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging.

Video shown during the EV Day 2021 presentation showed off two vehicles under the cover of darkness as part of a montage of electrified models of the future. Those models are not currently a part of the Jeep portfolio.

The first was a small, rugged-looking subcompact SUV shown in silhouette to feature design lines similar to the Wrangler but with a unique rear roofline. The second is what appears to be an elongated version of the Wrangler, perhaps a three-row model.

Jeep has promised to have a battery-electric vehicles by 2025 in each of the A through F vehicle segments. These new models would fit into the white space that current exists and address shifting customer attributes within those segments while rounding out the company's lineup.

A spokesperson for Jeep would not comment on the record regarding any future product plans, instead pointing Newsweek back to the company's "by 2025" battery-electric vehicle commitment.


Ram plans to electrify five vehicles.

During Ram's portion of EV Day 2021 presentations, brand CEO Mike Koval was pictured in front of the five vehicles that define the company's future electrified vehicle plans. Based on the current Ram lineup, four of those models are already known. The biggest question mark was what looked like the small truck in the center of the lineup.

It was rumored that the Ram small truck program had been cut, but this imaging may be an indication that it's going forward, but in an electrified-only form. It could wear the Ram Dakota badge.

Newsweek has reached out to Ram Trucks for comment.