G-20 Gossip: No Touching, Please

Your Gaggler just wrapped up a 17 hour pool day with President Obama, but before we hit the sack (call time is just five hours away!), we felt the need to wrap up all the gossip from the Obama's first full day in London. First of all, the British press is uniformly dissing Obama's decision to give the Queen an iPod—mainly because the queen reportedly already has one. They are also trashing Michelle Obama for not being up on her royal protocol. According to video of the Obamas visit to Buckingham Place today, the First Lady briefly touched Queen Elizabeth on the back during a reception there for G-20 leaders, and that is, apparently, a huge social no-no. We just turned on SkyNews, which was airing a panel on the apparent faux pas. "You don't touch the queen!" one red-face analyst insisted. "You don't touch her!"

Meanwhile, Obama had a late night. He stayed more than a half hour over schedule at the G-20 working dinner at 10 Downing Street and was one of the last leaders to leave. But we are still more curious about Michelle's dinner with the G-20 spouses and a slew of well-known British celebs, including supermodel Naomi Campbell (watch out for flying phones!) and Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who was seated next to the First Lady. (The spouses got to eat the same Jamie Oliver menu that was served to the G-20 leaders.)

Finally, we are mentioning this only to justify the photo above. Despite the fact it looks like Queen Elizabeth's Corgis might be rushing to seek political asylum in the presidential limo, the Obamas still don't have a dog.