G20 for Dummies. Yes, There Are Pictures.

China's proposing wacky currency schemes. Brazil's playing cheap racial politics cards. Gordon Brown's going on a whirlwind global tour, while getting smacked around by both his hosts and his own country's rep in the European parliament. Saudi Arabia's holding out on IMF funding because its leaders feel they haven't been properly thanked for stabilizing oil prices. And Argentina's bringing up the Falkla--I mean, the Malvinas. Again. Even though everyone else has made it rather plain that they couldn't care less.

With everyone looking to get their cut at this week's G20 summit, it's useful to step back and take a tally of the demands each country brings to the table--which is why I think this interactive wishlist from the FT is so nifty. It's been pretty simple to track the big themes of the past few weeks' pre-summit politicking: developed countries are treading mighty carefully, while rising economies are looking for any opportunity to speed up their transition from rising to risen. But play with the priorities tool on this graphic; there's also some overlap and fissure in unexpected places.

Exhibit A: What do South Korea, Turkey, Japan, India, Canada, and Brazil all have in common that none of the other participants share? All are campaigning hard against protectionist measures. And which is the one developing country joining the US, UK, and France in their crusade against tax havens? Argentina, randomly enough. Who knew? Maybe the Malvinas have a chance after all. If Cristina Kirchner can cozy up to Gordon Brown during the tax haven debate, perhaps she can slip him a note under the table.

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