Chef Recreates Meals From Disney Classics at Home in Mouthwatering Videos

Ever watched a movie and noticed how good a meal looks? Maybe it's the Turkish Delights eaten by the kids in Narnia, or Lady and the Tramp's iconic spaghetti dinner. Whatever it is, TikToker Gabrielle Williams has probably already brought it to life.

Williams has made it her mission to make those meals a reality by recreating them, and documenting the process at the same time.

The TikTok chef breathes life into Disney food every few days on her account, @gabby.jaye, with over 970,000 followers.

The first creation saw Williams take on Tiana's "man catching beignets" from Disney's 2009 movie The Princess and the Frog, gaining over 470,000 views since. For this recreation, Williams did employ the Disney Princess Cookbook, produced by the filmmakers themselves, but the rest of her videos are freestyled with her own designs.

Recently, Williams went viral with her latest video on May 16 — a montage of some of her most impressive recipes to the sound of "I want it, I made it," including The Princess Diaries' "palate-cleansing" mint ice cream and Princess Tiana's New Orleans Gumbo.

As for individual recipes, her version of Ratatouille's confit byaldi has seven million views after being shared on January 12, making it her most popular one. The favoring of Ratatouille here is unsurprising from an app with such a long history with the Disney movie. These are the kids that literally made a Broadway-worthy in-app musical to the classic, remember?

Disney may be the root of Williams' fascination with creating movie-inspired recipes, but it's not where it ends. The TikTok videos see the chef take on Laika and Warner Bros too in the form of Coraline and Harry Potter, both of which gained week-long series from Williams.

"Coraline Week" took place just last week and amassed over five million views in total. Recipes included cocoa beetles and iconic "welcome home" cake given by Coraline's other parents. Williams even made sure to include the cryptic lettering used in the stop motion on the cake. Die-hard fans of Coraline will recognise that the second "O" contains a double loop, which in calligraphy indicates a lie – Coraline is welcome, but she's not home.


Day 1 of CORALINE WEEK: Welcome home cake! This is for all 712K of you! 💗 #coraline #welcomehome #fyp #foryoupage #viral #laikastudios

♬ original sound - LAIKA Studios

For those wanting to recreate their own childhood favorites, Williams doesn't always include recipes in the videos, but is working on her own recipe book. "I'm trying so hard to get this book together. I still have work and film school and it's hectic. I'm working on a link tree that'll be linked soon," she confirmed in a TikTok comment.

Though Williams is bringing the foods to life, TikTok does still leave a screen between viewers and the mouthwatering recipes, even if they're no longer in cartoon form. However, Williams has divulged that she hopes to open a restaurant in the future, selling her movie-inspired foods.

"I'm hoping and praying that a restaurant is in the near future," she wrote in a TikTok comment.

Newsweek contacted Gabrielle Williams for comment.

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