Ocean Turns Red With Blood As Shark Almost Beaches Itself Killing Sea Lion in Viral Video

An aggressive shark has been filmed viciously attacking a sea lion with such force that it appears to almost beach itself on the shore.

The shocking footage, uploaded this week to Reddit community r/natureismetal, shows the exact moment of the fatal encounter, with the large ocean predator caught on camera grabbing the sea lion and thrashing its body from side-to-side.

Amid the audible shock from those who captured the scene in real-time, the sea lion did not appear to stand a chance against the shark, with massive spurts of blood becoming visible in the water before its remains eventually fall below the sea surface.

The brutal clip, titled "A Galapagos shark practically beaches himself while killing a sea Lion," was posted yesterday by a frequent Reddit user named "5_Frog_Margin" and has since attracted close to 400,000 views and more than 1,200 comments.

It was not immediately clear where and when the attack took place or who first recorded the footage. Despite its name, experts say that the Galapagos shark is found in warm waters around the world, although it was first discovered in what is now known as the Galapagos Marine Reserve in Ecuador, and is common at dive sites there.

According to a fact-sheet posted by the Galapagos Conservation Trust, the species has 14 rows of serrated teeth and closely resembles reef and dusky sharks. They are known to mostly eat bony fish, but in the Galapagos they also target seals and sea lions.

Warning: Graphic content.

In a detail that broadly echoes the shocking scenes seen in the Reddit video, the Trust said the Galapagos shark is documented as being highly aggressive.

"They have also been known to be cannibalistic, therefore young shark pups tend to stay in shallow inland waters, away from groups of adults," the website said.

"[Adults] are very inquisitive, often showing aggression towards fishermen who try to scare them away. Once they become excited, they are difficult to deter, and when they go into a frenzy they may attack anything floating on the surface of the water."

In May, researchers from the Charles Darwin Foundation published an academic paper documenting the first direct evidence of a Galapagos sea lion being preyed upon by a Galapagos shark, based on an event that took place in November 2018.

Graphic footage uploaded to YouTube from the incident showed a fatally-wounded sea lion trying to flee from a shark after an attack, missing the lower portion of its body. It took place near Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos, the research paper recorded.

"This is the first unequivocal evidence of a Galapagos shark attacking a Galapagos sea lion," it read. "It is not yet clear whether such attacks are restricted to juveniles or whether this occurs year-round. Likewise, it is currently unknown how frequently these events occur near rookeries during the breeding season of Galapagos sea lions."

Shark attack
A screenshot from an undated graphic video uploaded to Reddit on September 22, titled "A Galapagos Shark practically beaches himself while killing a Sea Lion." Screenshot/u/5_Frog_Margin/Reddit