Cersei's Elephant Letdown Memes Stampede 'Game of Thrones' Twitter

Cersei Lannister didn't have the best time in last night's Season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones, "Winterfell." While the Golden Company finally arrived from Essos to give her a much-needed infusion of new troops, the band of mercenaries led by Harry Strickland neglected to pack one critical travel essential: war elephants. Nobody does rage quite like Cersei, and shortly after the premiere aired, GoT fans were quit to make light of the monarch's misery on social media.

Cersei's clearly pretty lonely, now that Jaime's gone north to fight for the living and there aren't any adolescent B-tier Lannister cousins left for her to molest (R.I.P. Lancel). So she stoops to a dizzying new low: sleeping with Euron Greyjoy, whose repellent personality strongly suggests he smells of armpits and fish. But even sampling the delicacies of the Iron Islands can't keep Lady Lannister's mind off the underwhelming showing from the Golden Company. As she and Euron wrap things up in her chambers, she mutters ruefully, "I wanted those elephants..."

Some GoT fans took a cue from the recent live-action Dumbo remake, imagining a cuddlier version of the Essosi war beasts. Who needs a fire-breathing dragon the size of a jumbo jet when you have an adorable pachyderm? Rhaegal and Drogon have nothing on this cutie:

Why Cersei really wanted those elephants to take on the dragon queen#GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/Lk0FW7M7XT

— Rebecca Hall Books (@books_by_becca) April 15, 2019

Others preferred the tried and true Bewildered Vincent Vega approach. Hey, it's always a crowd-pleaser.

Cersei when there is no elephants #gameofthrones pic.twitter.com/p7Orgo3yPf

— tyler (@tylerfromyoga) April 15, 2019

Not all the best memes were on Twitter. The s**tposting pros over on r/Freefolk came up with some inspired gems of their own.

Others picked up on the Cersei-bashing going on up North between the Stark sisters, imagining the Lady of Winterfell's glee.

Cersei: Where is my elephants?

Sansa: pic.twitter.com/WhEQmjYDsp

— The North Remembers (@starkhanesi) April 15, 2019

Others imagined her rage in reality TV terms, drawing parallels to the angriest Kardashian sister.

cersei when she was told that the golden company has no elephants #GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/szPnxpj8q6

— Cersei Lannister (@iamqueencersei) April 15, 2019

Our personal favorite of the bunch casts Cersei as the most emo of Marvel's X-Men, Wolverine.


Golden Company Captain: No we did not bring any elephants

Cersei: pic.twitter.com/8nBNJWUzox

— Chrispy (@_Chrispy35) April 15, 2019

It's not entirely clear why Cersei had her heart set on those elephants. Sure, they'd probably look pretty awesome and intimidating, but how helpful would these animals really be in the frozen North? Even with Viserion gone to the dark side, Dany's dragons could make short work these beasts. And we don't even want to imagine the possibilities of the Night King getting hold of a fleet of zombie war elephants...

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.