Who Is Still Alive on 'Game of Thrones'? Complete List of Characters to Survive Until the Season 8 Premiere

Death has been plentiful on Game of Thrones. Heads have rolled from the very beginning, and there were even attempts to kill a child—Bran Stark—twice before the first season really got underway. In the seven seasons since, GOT fans have just gotten used to seeing characters lose their lives whether it be unsuspecting kids, helpless mothers and women, and noblemen too.

However, there have been a few characters who have really done an extraordinary job of staying alive over there years. In a world where death awaits around literally every single corner, those who have actually managed to survive all the way up until the Season 8 premiere is truly something to applaud, considering the more than 100 characters to die along the way.

So let's celebrate the living characters while we still have them, especially when it's common knowledge many of the remaining folks—no matter whose side of the iron throne they're on—will likely be knocking on death's door as the season unfolds. All men must die, after all.

Read on for the complete list of living characters before the Season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on HBO.

Jon Snow: From Neddard Stark's bastard to Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and the King of the North (actually the one true heir to the Iron Throne), Jon has quite literally experienced it all on GOT—even death! If anyone from the series was to ever write a "How to Survive" guide, it would certainly be Jon.

Daenerys Targaryen: Our beloved Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons and plenty more titles may have started out as an escape artist of sorts—remember Cersei Lannister and the late King Robert Baratheon were looking for the "white-haired b***h" and Mad King's only living daughter since the very beginning of the show—but she's since come to face her many enemies and the odds of death head-on. There's simply no stopping this woman on fire.

Cersei Lannister: Another murderous master of survival, Cersei would certainly have to contribute a few chapters to Jon's "How to Survive" guide, particularly the passages about defeating culty, religious zealots like the High Sparrow and instructions on using revenge as a tool to get through the day.

Jamie Lannister: The King Slayer may only have one hand, and he may have been captured by his enemies (on more than one occasion), but through his wit, charm and tactical battle skills, Jamie somehow always manages to dig his way out of a ditch and avoid death.

Tyrion Lannister: The youngest Lannister has faced more obstacles than most. For starters, he's a dwarf and his own sister, Cersei, has wanted his head on a stick since the day he was born. He's been imprisoned, battled tyrants while traveling, soldiered plenty of wars, encountered White Walkers and literally crossed a sea inside of a trunk, among several other achievements. The game of life is just on Tyrion's side.

Varys: A man who is a Master of Secrets with a network of spies across two continents can never really die. Since the show's debut, Varys' little birds have kept him one step ahead of everyone else and has essentially helped preserve his life, although there have been times where it's certainly been at stake.

Sansa Stark: Although one of the more demure characters, Sansa's biggest strength is her ability to survive. How she made it out of that godforsaken marriage to that terror Ramsey Bolton with him being the one eaten by dogs is a true testament to Sansa's power.

Bran Stark: There are GOT conspiracies that claim Bran is really the Night King, which, in a sense, would technically make him dead. Those conspiracies have yet to become a seen reality on the show, so we'll just appreciate the fact that Bran—despite being handicapped and having near death encounters—is still alive and using his gift of sight to help mold the future.

Arya Stark: A girl with no name could also contribute a few pages to that "How to Survive" guide.

Gendry: Fans didn't know if they would ever see Gendry again when he went rowing out to sea after the red priestess, Melisandre, tried to sacrifice him to the Lord of Light. So it was a real treat when he popped up working at a steel house in Season 7. Who knows how much longer we'll have with dear Gendry, but it's safe to assume he'll be around for a least a little while on Season 8. After all, someone has to craft weapons out of dragon stone to beat the White Walkers, who better than the crafty blacksmith?

Hot Pie: Arya's orphan pal and baker, who survived life at the treacherous Harrenhal alongside her, was last spotted doing what he does best—making pies—when he encountered the youngest living Stark in Westeros on Season 7. As Arya left the inn where Hot Pie was working, she told him to try not to get killed, to which he cheekily replied: "Nah, I won't. I'm like you Ari, I'm a survivor."

Bronn: Maybe one of the reasons why Bronn has managed to defeat death so many times— on the battleground or during any other sketchy situation he's found himself in—is because he mostly fights for himself.

Brienne of Tarth: The lady knight is a strong and skilled fighter. All too often, Brienne is underestimated by her sexist and crude opponents, which always seems to result not in her downfall but theirs.

Podrick Payne: Pod had quite a journey on GOT so far. He started out as a mere squire but has grown to be quite the fighter over the years. It's also helped he's been in service of some particularly valiant people, like Brienne, who trained him to fight.

Theon Greyjoy: It's honestly quite amazing how Theon managed to escape the grips of Ramsey and lived to tell the tale. For a while, he seemed like a sure goner (how he didn't bleed out after being castrated beats me), but Theon is back on the path of finding himself, operating with Daenerys' fleet and may even get a little taste of redemption as he set forth to save his sister from his crazy uncle.

Yara Greyjoy: As far as viewers know, Yara is somewhere locked in a jail cell in King's Landing after her crazy uncle captured her.

Euron Greyjoy: Theon and Yara's crazy uncle is somewhere out at sea attempting to wrangle the Golden Company for Cersei, who is now devoted to.

Samwell Tarly: Sam was a total softy when he first arrived at The Wall, but his intelligence exceeds him and has—thankfully—kept him alive long enough for him to learn the truth about Jon Snow's true identity. Here's to hoping he can stay alive long enough to finally tell Jon who he really is.

Gilly: As long as Sam's alive, Gilly (and probably Little Sam too) will also be alive and ok.

Tormund Giantsbane: No wildlings, crows or White Walkers are a match for the great Tormund—although he was pretty shook when the undead dragon Viserion came blowing his ice fire down on the (seemingly) indestructible Wall during the Season 7 finale.

Eddison Tollett: Despite all the fights with wildlings and White Walkers, Jon's good friend and fellow Night's Watch ranger will still be around for the Season 8 battles to come.

Davos Seaworth: The knight and former smuggler may not believe in the Lord of Light, but he definitely has the favor of one of the GOT gods considering the numerous times Davos has escaped death.

Melisandre: Although the Red Woman left for Volantis and wasn't seen for much of Season 7, viewers will certainly see her again. Before she set off on her journey she very explicitly told Varys she would return to Westeros where it is her fate (and the fate of Varys and several others) to die.

The Mountain: Ser Gregor Clegane nearly died during his horrific fight with the Red Viper, otherwise known as Oberyn Martell, in Season 4. However, after he quite literally popped Oberyn's skull like a bloody balloon, he was saved by Qyburn's unnatural doctoring.

The Hound: It's a good thing Sandor Clegane has managed to survive his many brushes with death. He may be the only one that's actually capable of killing Cersei's Frankenstein body guard, aka Sandor's big brother The Mountain.

Jorah Mormont: Not even a bout of deadly grayscale could bring the end of Jorah.

Lyanna Mormont: This little lady is one tough cookie. Despite her young age, she runs House Mormont with the precision and wisdom greater than some of the oldest Lords of the North. She's also heavily protected by the men of her land, Bear Island.

Greyworm: Have you seen this elite Unsullied warrior in combat? There's no killing him.

Missandei: No one would dare touch a hair on Missandei's curly head—unless they want to feel the wrath of not only Greyworm, who so obviously loves her, but Daenerys too, as she is the Mother of Dragon's most trusted advisor and handmaiden.

Daario Naharis: Would Daario have died if he accompanied Daenerys to Westeros? We will never know. What we do know, though, is that the skilled fighter is safe and keeping the peace in Meereen.

Jaquen H'ghar: A Faceless Man has no identity, therefore he cannot be killed.

Beric Dondarrion: The leader of Brotherhood Without Banners has died many, many times, but was always resurrected by his best mate Thoros of Myr's prayers to the Lord of Light. Now that Thoros is dead, Beric's next encounter with death may be more definite.

Meera Reed: Hopefully Meera made it back to her family before the army of the dead made their march on the North.

Qyburn: Cersei's beloved evil-doctor probably has a cavern filled with enough body parts and elixirs to prevent him from ever dying.

Robin Arryn: Much of the chaos that has ravaged many areas of the Seven Kingdoms has seemingly missed the secluded Vale, which is probably the biggest reason why Robin, Lord of the Vale, is still alive and running things there. He can barely shoot an arrow, and he's certainly no swordsman, so it's best that he avoid trouble altogether by staying somewhere relatively safe.