'Game of Thrones' Finale Sucked? Twitter Reacts to Season 8 Ending

Game of Thrones is finally over. After eight years of stabbing knights, incest and medical warfare, HBO's successful series has finally come to a close. After Episode 73 premiered, fans were left feeling a little disgruntled. Years of build-up boiled down to a jumped conclusion that had characters acting oddly, which arguably wasn't the proper payoff viewers were looking for.

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Jon finally reunites with Snow HBO

The leaks on Reddit turned out to be correct, so let's look at what actually happened.

Game of Thrones Finale Spoilers Ahead

So Bran is now king of the six kingdoms, Jon is off wandering with the wildlings, Sansa is commanding her frigid army and Arya is pulling a Sinbad to see what's west. Personally, these endings were kind of lacking. Bran (who has been given the only mildly insulting title of broken) is now leading the free world, or what's left of it. The wheelchair-bound oracle has been speaking in tongues after wandering through the snow on the back of Hodor, do you really think that would make him a good king? Lineage is important but he's still more three-eyed raven than man.

The big reveal for the whole show is Daenerys' descent into madness, similar to what happened to her father, "The Mad King." Last season, she says that she is "not here to be the queen of the ashes" but is now all for innocent murder. Missandei lost her head, but it just feels like a character flip of 180 degrees. Her death didn't feel earned, more rushed and tacked on to try and give fans some form of closure.

Drogon burns the Iron Throne rather than Jon. Does that mean the dragon understands symbolism?

Takes on Twitter about the episode ranged from mildly disappointing to outright anger. Some vocal Game of Thrones fans have not enjoyed Season 8, going so far as to sign a Change.org petition by the thousands asking for reshoots. Putting fan entitlement inside, it's clear that Season 8 really struck a nerve.

Not everyone shared that negative sentiment, some viewers really enjoyed Season 8, especially when Jon finally reuniting with his dire wolf.

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