Twitter Users Honor Ghost After Jon Snow Abandons Dire Wolf On 'Game of Thrones'

From relationships to plots for battle, Game of Thrones Episode 4 gave viewers more than enough conversation and foreshadowing to produce a Twitter feed full of funny and relevant content. The episode seemed to spark a handful of widely-held beliefs about the future of King's Landing, and which Queen deserves to rule the Iron Throne. Though hundreds of memes about the show's main plot points can be found, one specific moment is seemingly more popular than the rest: Jon Snow's decision to leave his direwolf, Ghost, in the North.

Twitter users were outraged and heartbroken by Jon's decision to leave his loyal companion with Tormund in the North, instead of bringing him to King's Landing where the pair could stay united. The dire wolf has been a strong protector for Jon since Season 1 of the series, and viewers didn't seem to understand how quickly and unemotionally Jon could leave his furry friend behind.

Some posts included photos of Ghost in that now-infamous parting, with his head down, while other used classic memes to portray what Ghost may have been feeling when he watched Jon walk away.

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Some users responded as if the famed dire wolf is a typical housepet, and asked for members of the show to give him love and support. Many of the posts have upwards of a thousand likes and shares

Jon's leaving sets a new storyline for Episode 5, and likely the sixth episode to follow. Sunday's episode ended with Jon standing with Daenerys and her army as the approached King's Landing. There, Daenerys ordered Cersei Lannister to surrender the throne. Instead, Cersei responded by beheading Missandei, a loyal servant to Daenerys. The episode ended with high tensions for the pending battle, that's sure to wreak havoc on King's Landing.

There is another source of potential drama in Jon's storyline. With new knowledge that the once-bastard is actually a Targeryan himself, and has a claim to the Iron Throne, Jon decided to share his true identity with his sisters. Sansa Stark and Arya Stark now known of Jon's identity, though Daenerys ordered him not to share the news.

Twitter Users Honor Ghost After Jon Snow Abandons Dire Wolf On 'Game of Thrones' | Culture