'Battle of Winterfell': T-Pain, Leslie Jones, Live-Tweet Reactions to 'Game of Thrones' Episode

Rapper T-Pain and comedian Leslie Jones live-tweeted their reactions to the third episode of the final season of Game of Thrones, and their takes were almost as exciting as the epic battle at the center of this week's installment of the show.

Game of Thrones, based on George R.R. Martin's book series A Song of Ice and Fire, first premiered on in 2011. Now in its eighth and final season, the HBO show has become a worldwide phenomenon, and the impending conclusion seems only to have stoked fans' passion. The highly-anticipated third episode, "The Long Night," lived up to expectations, keeping fans, including multiple celebrities, on the edge of their seats.

Consider yourself warned: spoilers ahead for Season 8, episode 3.


Before the show aired, T-Pain informed his followers that if they weren't fans of the show, they should unfollow him at the very moment. Two hours later, he began his live review of the episode, which led several followers to question whether his tweets were even better than the show.

A mixture of profanity, sexual comments and raw emotion, T-Pain's viewing of the episode took him on what he described as a"rollercoaster," but by the end of the 80+ minute runtime, he was ready to get off the ride.

T-Pain played coach to Sam, encouraging him to work harder and then congratulating him when he did.

He also criticized those who weren't doing enough in the battle and the "Chads" of the show.

It wasn't all about the battle though; the rapper threw a few jokes into his live-tweet review.

By the end of the show, T-Pain said he'd see his followers next week, after he got anxiety medication.

Leslie Jones

Comedian Leslie Jones opted for a slightly different style of narration. Unlike T-Pain's Twitter feed, which described his feelings using just words, Jones accompanied her thoughts with clips from the show and her own narration.

With a video of the opening credits, Jones informed her followers there would be spoilers, so they should turn off her Twitter if they didn't want to see Game of Thrones content.

"I have not been this scared in a while," Jones posted on Twitter shortly after the show began. "I just don't know what's gonna f****** happen."

However, her fear turned to passion and when the dragons were sent off, she was ready for the battle to begin.

"Let's get it started, son! Somebody pop off," Jones said. "…I can't take this anticipation."

After making a sexual joke about Gendry, Jones clarified that it wasn't "the time for jokes," and explained that when she's scared, she cracks jokes.

It wasn't the last comedic observation from Jones, though. During one scene, when Bran was watching the fight, the comedian said it was similar to when she's drunk at the club watching her friends get into an altercation.

Jones also shared some thoughts on one of the characters she dislikes, Melisandre. However, she noted the episode changed her mind about the mysterious woman in red.

"She could be useful in the Army and people can forgive people," Jones explained. "Let's give the girl a break."

A bit later in the show, like a number of other GoT fans on Twitter, Jones wondered why Melisandre was taking so long to start the fire.

Jones had a few questions through the show, including why Davos wanted to kill Melisandre and who owned the wolf. She also speculated about how high the dragons flew and why Jon and Dany weren't struggling for oxygen.

At one point, Jones wondered if she could even continue watching, saying the battle was similar to a "zombie movie." She also noted that because of how dark and fast the episode was, she had to keep rewatching scenes.

The comedian offered words of encouragement to Sansa, letting her know that she was "already" a warrior and should hurry up and get to the crypt. She later noted she couldn't bear to lose Sansa.

When Arya stabbed the Night King, the comedian let out a loud cry of "warrior!"

Then, later in the show, when Arya saved Bran's life, Jones said Arya was gonna get her "kicked out" of her building because of her excitement.

Ultimately, Jones called it a "hell of an ending" and predicted Game of Thrones would claim every honor in the upcoming award cycle.