Gamer Scores 100 Percent On Hardest 'Guitar Hero' Song Ever Made

A Guitar Hero gamer has pulled off what was once considered impossible after racking up a perfect score on the hardest track ever made on the game.

First released in 2005, Guitar Hero is familiar to millions for giving players the chance to simulate playing guitar on a host of much-loved rock songs.

The aim of the game is simple enough: players are handed a guitar-shaped game controller and tasked with pressing a series of buttons in time with the musical notes as they scroll on the screen.

Guitar Hero began life on the PlayStation 2 but these days is more commonly played via Clone Hero, a fan-made PC version of the game.

Clone Hero is notable for the fact it allows players to create and share custom-created songs, a feature that has given rise to some of the toughest and most elaborate tracks to ever grace the series.

These tracks are played and regularly shared by players in the online Guitar Hero community, many of whom broadcast their efforts via Twitch streaming accounts.

Until now, one track had stood above all others as the ultimate test of a Guitar Hero player's abilities: Megalodon.

First created in 2018 by a user named Jarvis9999, Megalodon is considered to be one of the most challenging songs to play in the game.

Spanning 19 minutes in total, the composition is littered with intricately complex moves that even the most seasoned Guitar Hero players would struggle to complete.

It was thought to be impossible to complete the track with a perfect 100 percent score, which would mean nearly 20 minutes of fast, continuous playing with putting a single finger wrong.

But this week, a streamer posting videos under the name Frif did exactly that.

Frif boasts nearly 34,000 subscribers on YouTube along with a further 16,000 fans on Twitch, and regularly posts videos on all things Guitar Hero, or rather Clone Hero as he plays it.

According to Frif's YouTube profile he "specializes in high-difficulty accomplishments and educational/community content."

"My goals include getting 100% FC's in as many difficult songs as possible," Frif states.

Several months back, he set his sights on achieving a perfect score on Megaladon.

Frif estimates he spent "at least" 400 hours training on the track.

Then finally on Wednesday night, he achieved the unthinkable after performing the entirety of Megalodon, completely error free.

oh yeah I did this btw idk what came over me

— frifuloid (@FrifRaff) August 19, 2021

Even better still, it was a moment he shared with his fans on Twitch and YouTube, who turned up in their droves to watch and comment, despite Frif stressing he would not be replying to any messages during the attempt.

Completed in a dark hotel room illuminated only by a computer screen, the resulting performance was a sight to behold whether an avid fan, casual Guitar Hero player, or first timer intrigued at the rise of online gaming celebritydom.

A flurry of perfectly timed fingers, Frif showcased incredible focus and concentration throughout the dizzying performance, as well as remarkable hand-to-eye coordination skills.

More than 20,000 people have already watched Frif's achievement on YouTube, with fans flooding the comments section with messages praising his super-human efforts.

TobeGH3 wrote: "Your consistency and nerve management is absolutely unmatched. This is seriously scratching the human limits of what can be mentally endured.

"I am so proud of you, this just could not be more well deserved."

Iannv commented: "I don't even know how to process something like this...

"Absolutely amazing job frif, this song has meant so much to me during my time playing this game and to finally see it dead is just absurd to me. absolute king

Crashy said: "Even back in 2019, I thought this song was impossible, but seeing you just grind away at this song and simply cut the shark's head off; that is awe-inspiring."

ThePyramix added: "Literally one of the best accomplishments ever in games history,i wish millions of people would see this."

Newsweek has reached out to Frif for comment.

A man playing Guitar Hero.
A Guitar Hero gamer pulled off a never-before-seen feat on a modified version of the game. David Greedy/Getty