Gas Station Worker Who Walked Off Job With 'Power Tripping' Manager Cheered

A gas station worker in California has been applauded for walking off the job before he even completed training.

The briefly employed man told his story on Reddit's "Antiwork" forum under his first name, Christopher, and the username Accomplished_Mud_403. His post has accumulated over 7,000 votes since it was shared on Thursday.

Christopher explained that he decided to work at the gas station as a "side job" to supplement his income. At the start of his first day, he approached the cashier, who identified herself as the assistant manager.

His new co-worker wasted no time in showing her true colors. After telling him to wait while she helped customers, she had him stand on the side for 45 minutes "looking like an idiot," Christopher described.

Gas Station Convenience Store
A California gas station worker has been applauded for walking off the job before he even completed training. Above, a gas station convenience store in Lafayette, California, in December 2021. Smith Collection/Gado / Contributor/Archive Photos

Finally, after she got him started at a computer for his online training, the new employee said the assistant manager began "micromanaging" what he clicked and how he opened training sessions.

However, the real trouble came when Christopher pulled out his phone to find log-in information.

The assistant manager told him, "I need you to put your phone in the back office because you're not supposed to be on your phone," he recounted.

Then, as he explained that he needed information from his phone for the training, she declared, "I'm the boss right now when the manager isn't here, this is your first day and you don't know how things work around here."

That was the last straw for Christopher, who said that he instantly stood up and left.

"She asked where I was going and I just kept walking," he said. "No reason a job like that should have such a toxic work environment."

Gas station stores have suffered under the nation's sky-high gas prices, according to the National Association of Convenience Stores (NCAS). The average fuel retailer makes only 10 to 15 cents per gallon on gas sales. Meanwhile, customers who spend more filling their tanks are less likely to go inside the store and buy a snack, drink or meal—all of which carry higher margins than fuel.

Although some parts of the country are seeing a reprieve in fuel prices, which hit a national record high of $5.2 per gallon on June 14, the average cost of gas in California—where Christopher lives—remains elevated at $6.15 per gallon.

Given the squeeze of gas prices and the costs of employee turnover, internet readers were shocked at how quickly Christopher's short-time manager pushed him to walk off the job. Many pointed out that she was "power tripping" and deserved to lose the new worker.

"Thank you for not dealing with that s***," said one of many comments applauding Cristopher. "I would write to corporate or the owners so that they can deal with Ms micro manager."

"Shoot, she's not even the employer, she's the assistant manager," another added. "She's an employee too. But she happens to have a little bit of authority with her title and has let it go to her head. These types of people suck."

Newsweek reached out to Christopher for comment.