Gavin Newsom's Chances of Becoming President After Landslide California Win

California Governor Gavin Newsom scored a major victory in defeating an effort to recall him this week, with a landslide that saw him win 64 percent support among voters.

Newsom saw off the attempt to remove him from office and successfully prevented his main Republican rival, conservative talk show host Larry Elder, from taking the state's top job.

The governor's victory may cement his status as a rising Democratic star in just his first term and could boost Newsom's future chances of being president, though for now his odds at the White House appear unchanged.

Bookmakers Betfair, which operates the world's largest online betting exchange, told Newsweek that Newsom's odds of becoming commander-in-chief had not been affected by his win on Tuesday.

Newsom's odds of being the next president are 100-1, though this is may not be surprising considering President Joe Biden has said he will seek a second term.

Betfair gives Biden 10-3 odds on winning the 2024 presidential election, while they are currently offering odds of 5/1 on both Vice President Kamala Harris and former President Donald Trump.

While it's not yet known if Newsom will be running for president in 2024, his odds of becoming president at any stage in the future are considerably better. Betfair told Newsweek the governor had odds of 20-1 to one day occupy the Oval Office.

Though 20-1 odds are relatively long, it's worth noting that Newsom is still in his first term as governor of California and has never before campaigned for the Democratic nomination, while there are also several well-known Democrats who may be eyeing future runs at the White House.

Newsom framed his defeat of the recall effort as a victory over "Trumpism" in what could be interpreted as a hint at future ambitions.

"I said this many, many times on the campaign trail: we may have defeated Trump, but Trumpism is not dead in this country," Newsom said following his victory. "The big lie, the January 6 insurrection, all the voting suppression efforts that are happening all across this country... the assault on the fundamental rights, constitutionally protected rights, of women and girls. It's a remarkable moment in our nation's history."

Former President Trump had claimed the California recall election was rigged in Newsom's favor. Following the governor's win, Trump issued a statement through his Save America PAC saying, in part: "We. Cannot. Trust. Mail. In. Ballots."

If Newsom is the Democratic candidate in 2024, it's highly likely he'll face Trump, who remains the most popular choice of presidential nominee among a majority of Republican voters.

Gavin Newsom Appears with President Joe Biden
California Governor Gavin Newsom (L) greets US President Joe Biden during a campaign event at Long Beach City Collage in Long Beach, California on September 13, 2021. Newsom's odds of one day becoming president stand at 20/1. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images