Gay Marriage: Touting The His-His Suite

Provincetown, Mass., may very well become the gay Niagara. With Massachusetts' ruling to legalize same-sex marriages set to take effect in less than six months, merchants in Provincetown--long a gay mecca--are readying for a tidal wave of gay and lesbian honeymooners to strike Cape Cod's tip. "People used to go to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon," says tourism director Pat Fitzpatrick. "We'll have a lot of gay and lesbian couples whose first thought is Provincetown." Travel agents specializing in gay vacations are expecting Massachusetts to supplant Vermont as the wedding destination of choice. The town's ready: the seaside Post Office Cafe & Cabaret is already running ads urging couples to "Have Your Reception Here," and manager Dixie Federico is seeking to become an ordained minister. Down the street at clothing store Diane Z, owner Diane Fernandez is preparing to offer his-his and hers-hers tuxedo and gown combinations.

Other gay-friendly Massachusetts communities like Northampton and Cambridge are also expecting a wedding boom, but Provincetown has two advantages over most destinations: the cape's beautiful scenery, and a tolerant atmosphere that ensures same-sex couples won't be greeted with a sneer at the town clerk's office. And if traditional marriages are any guide, many newlyweds will be booking return trips as well--to line the pockets of Provincetown's divorce lawyers.