Geese Cause Huge Traffic Jam on Highway in Viral Video

If there is one good thing to have come out of the past year, it is that we have all learned the importance of looking out for one another.

This doesn't just apply to other people, but also to our animal friends. That's why when a video surfaced of a family of geese crossing a highway, as cars waited patiently, the internet was completely charmed.

In the footage posted to TikTok by @fit_sasha, a traffic jam can be seen building on the road, three lanes deep.

As you look closer you can see that a gaggle of geese are waddling in single file across the lanes.

The footage, which was filmed in the northern English city of Manchester, was posted on May 31 and has so far been viewed by more than 72.5 million people.

It has also received more than 8.5 million likes and has been shared over 109,000 times.

Many TikTok users took to the comments to share their thoughts on the heartwarming video.

Ash wrote: "Yes, y'all because stopping for a couple of minutes truly impacts your whole day. Please. Any life is worth saving over saving a minute."

Another person, Bonci, added: "Just amazing love kind people."

An account holder named user380655247137 posted: "That's good human beings you'll be respect."

Qin Li joked: "Imagine if they realize they forgot something and turned back at the end."

Liam J commented: "Wow faith in humanity has been restored."

Joslyn stated: "The world revolved around them for sure. They are the main characters."

If videos of animals and humans working together is what you need to see today, you may also enjoy this adorable footage of a little boy and a dog cuddling each other.

In the clip, which was posted to TikTok by @charliedelta1991, the young child wraps his arms around the golden retriever, pulling him in for a hug.

Then, rather remarkably, the animal reciprocates by wrapping his front legs around the boy.

The cute video is captioned: "He always hugs back #dogs #goldens."

The heartwarming clip was shared on May 24 and has since been viewed more than 16.6 million times.

One man has shown his appreciation for his pet by building an incredible "house" for his golden retriever, Teddy, in a cupboard under the stairs.

The transformation was first posted to TikTok back in March by Johnathan Lower from South Carolina, known online as @thehomeprojectguy.

The home comes with a working fire, a flatscreen TV and even a portrait of a Teddy hanging on the wall.

gaggle of geese
Stock image of a gaggle of geese. In a viral video filmed in Manchester, northern England, a family of geese slowly crosses a highway as a traffic jam builds. Getty Images