Gender Reveal Party Goes Horribly Wrong As Mom Pierces Guest With Dart

Gender reveal parties have come to be quite fashionable, but they can also be dangerous.

This modern phenomenon involves prospective parents revealing their unborn baby's sex at a gathering of friends and family.

It is done via a color reveal where either blue (for male) or pink (female) appears.

The event's climactic moment has been done in many creative ways. It could be by firing a confetti canon, cutting into a cake or, in the case of a recent viral video, popping a balloon with a dart.

What could possibly go wrong? Well, apparently quite a bit.

In the footage shared to TikTok by user Veefash, her sister's gender reveal ended in disaster when the dart became impaled in a partygoer's leg.

The clip shows the mom-to-be, who is wearing a white lace sundress, throwing a dart at a large black helium balloon that is tied to a box.

The balloon bursts, and bright blue confetti floats out of it, as surrounding guest cheer the news she is set to have a son.

The jubilant scene then cuts to woman wearing a black dress, who could previously be seen directly opposite the thrower, being attended to by medical professionals who are trying to remove the dart stuck in her ankle.

Veefash captioned the video: "Sisters gender reveal gone wrong."

Posted on April 30, the video has since gone viral, having been watched by over 6.1 million people and garnering more than 606,900 likes.


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Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the shocking clip.

One TikTok user, Jessicarosememory, wrote: "I love how she didn't make a fuss and ruin the moment. That's a true friend."

A second person, Martin, added: "Wow she was calm when it hit her leg! That's a survivor."

A third, Davidstrong22, commended the woman, writing: "she took that like a champ did not even flinch."

However, lots of the comments were asking why she had stood in that location in the first place, considering the potential danger.

Social media user vasquezrelijah6 typed: "Why would you stand there tho [sic]."

To this, Veefash responded: "to record," alongside a laughing-face emoji.

The fact that this gender reveal did not work out as planned is inconsequential compared to the tragic accident that occurred in Mexico a few weeks ago.

A gender reveal party stunt went horrifically wrong and two pilots died.

An aircraft had been rented in order to perform tricks in front of the partygoers.

Yet after the plane trailed a sign revealing the couple were going to be having a daughter, it nosedived into the Caribbean Sea, killing both pilots.

couple gender reveal party
A stock image of a couple at a gender reveal party. In the viral video the mom-to-be accidentally pierces one of her guests with a dart. Getty Images