On Wednesday, General Hospital star Kirsten Storms took to Instagram to deny rumors that she is pregnant. While her soap opera character is expecting a baby, she is not. Storms showed off her taut tummy in the photo, saying she wears baggy clothes because she likes the way they feel.

“This is the only time I will address this on social media. 1. No - I’m not pregnant in real life. Just in ‘GH’ life (where they pad me up to look prego in maternity clothes),” she wrote to her 262,000 followers. “2. I like to wear loose clothes because THEY ARE COMFY. and 3. If you wouldn’t say something to a person on the street, don’t say it to someone online. It’s still rude. And I don’t do rude. Just like I refuse to turn around and start judging your appearance by the photos you post. #keepitclassyladies”

Within minutes, the post was liked thousands of times. Her fans offered their support.

“You never had to address it to begin with doll. Be happy. Anyone who has something hurtful to say to you is miserable to begin with,” sophiejade__ wrote.

Hidee192 added, “Either way it’s your business no one else’s. You’re awesome!”

On the ABC soap opera, Storms’s character, Maxie, confirmed she was pregnant with husband Nathan West’s (Ryan Paevey) baby. But last week, the Port Charles police officer was shot and killed by his father, villain Cesar Faison.

While fans sometimes have a hard time separating the actress from her character, she was open about her very real struggle with depression after she took a break from filming GH in September.

“I try to keep my personal issues private,” Storms wrote to a fan about her absence. “However I recently mentioned on Twitter that I suffer from severe depression. If you or someone you know has dealt with it, then you know it can be a difficult time in life. I’m doing much better as of late and look forward to returning to work soon.”

“Depression's something that a lot of people suffer from,” she continued, “maybe not as severely as I have, but with the amount of fans who follow me, I thought there had to be a few who go through this and even some moms who have gone through post-partum stuff and can relate to that feeling of just not being able to help yourself. Especially having a daughter, it got to the point where I needed to change my life for the better. And I wanted people to know why I was getting better.”