Geoff Johns, Brendan Fraser Talk 'Doom Patrol' at NYCC 'Titans' Premiere

"I love The Mummy so much. I do," said Geoff Johns, clad in his signature plaid button-down and leather jacket, as Brendan Fraser, set to voice Robotman in Doom Patrol, walked onstage at the Titans premiere on Wednesday evening. Fraser (Rick in The Mummy trilogy) revealed Matt Bomer of American Horror Story will voice Negative Man. Matthew Zuk will play Negative Man in physical form and Riley Shanahan will play Robotman in physical form when the series premieres in 2019.

In addition to Fraser and Bomer, Doom Patrol stars Joivan Wade as Cyborg, Timothy Dalton as The Chief, April Bowlby as Elastic-Woman, Diane Guerra as Crazy Jane and Alan Tudyk as Mr. Nobody.

"You are all pretending you know what Doom Patrol is," Fraser joked. "They don't wear capes and believe me, they are not the Justice League. They are the motley crew of complaining misfits," he said.

Robotman crashed his car and his brain survives inside of a prosthetic body. Crazy Jane has 64 distinct personalities. Once a bombshell movie star, Elasti-Woman's alter-ego is more of a stretch than any role she's ever played. Negative Man, a former test pilot, is now possessed by a radioactive spirit. The team is lead by Dr. Niles Caulder, also known as The Chief, a genius inventor and engineer responsible for designing Robotman's body and Negative Man's bandages. They resemble superheroes on the surface, but underneath, their motives are conflicted.

"They are only doing the very best that they could when they were confronted by an increasingly hostile society—an imaginary world—that threatened more and more to become real," said Fraser.

"Can anyone relate?" Fraser asked in a booming voice, to extreme applause. "That's what I thought."

Doom Patrol arrives on DC Universe in 2019. Titans premieres on the service Oct. 12.