George Conway and Other Trump Critics Get #IMPOTUS Trending: 'He's Our Impeached President'

A new Twitter hashtag mocking President Donald Trump is trending after being shared by attorney and prominent Trump critic George Conway.

Conway—who is married to senior presidential aide Kellyanne Conway—sent out the hashtag #IMPOTUS on Thursday evening, standing for Impeached President of the United States.

As of Friday morning, more than 67,000 tweets had been sent using the new hashtag, several of which were sent by Conway.

On Thursday, Conway tweeted about Trump, who he referred to as "IMpeached President Of The United States" for the first time. Conway quickly followed up with the hashtag in response to comments from other users. "Okay, you want a hashtag, you got it," Conway wrote, with #IMPOTUS underneath.

Several notable users jumped on the bandwagon and began sharing the hashtag. Rob Anderson, a Louisiana congressional candidate for the Democrats in 2020 wrote simply, "I think #IMPOTUS is apt," in response to Conway's tweet.

Pam Keith, a former Democratic congressional candidate in Florida, said she was "100% on board" with the hashtag. "I came up with #Imp45 but #IMPOTUS is better," she added.

The majority of Conway's Twitter feed has been taken up by tweeting articles and news reports about Trump's impeachment. In one instance, Conway replied to a post reading, "Yes, America...He's still your President." Conway wrote, "Yes, he's our *impeached* president. #IMPOTUS."

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed two articles of impeachment against the president, one for abuse of power and the other for obstruction of Congress.

The president was holding a rally in Michigan when the votes went through, and told his crowd "I don't know about you, but I'm having a good time...I'm not worried."

Instead, he launched a blistering attack on the "do-nothing Democrats" who he claimed were "declaring their deep hatred and disdain for the American voter," by impeaching him.

The votes, he said, marked a "political suicide march for the Democratic Party," and lauded the fact that no Republican representatives voted for either article.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, meanwhile, said it was a "sad" occasion and that the president "gave us no choice. It is now up to Pelosi to send the articles to the Senate, where lawmakers will hold a trial for the president.

But Pelosi has not yet said when she will send the articles, warning that she would not do so if she is not convinced the Senate will organize a fair hearing.

Leading Republican senators have already signalled their intention to hand the president a fast acquittal, and are attempting to block Democratic plans to force senior administration officials to testify.

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President Donald Trump is pictured in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building at the White House on December 19, 2019 in Washington, D.C. Drew Angerer/Getty Images/Getty