George Conway Mocks Trump's Foreign Policy Knowledge as 'Nothing But Romaine Lettuce'

President Donald Trump did not have much to say when asked about the United States' talks with North Korea at hand, prompting conservative lawyer George Conway to mock Trump's foreign policy knowledge as "nothing but Romaine lettuce."

The lawyer, whose wife is counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, was referring to Trump responding to a reporter with, "What?" and offering no insights when asked about U.S. conversations with North Korea in Sweden.

George Conway quote tweeted Voice of America's Seoul bureau chief William Gallo's tweet stating, "Trump not saying much on the working-level talks with North Korea," and commented, "Trump not saying much (because) he doesn't know much."

"It's a foreign policy word salad consisting of nothing but Romaine lettuce," George Conway concluded.

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In the exchange with reporters, Trump was asked, "The U.S. is speaking to North Korea in Sweden. What do you expect?"

"What?" Trump said.

He was asked the same question again. The president then talked without offering any insights about U.S. and North Korean envoys meeting in Sweden this weekend:

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"So we're dealing with North Korea. They want to meet and we'll be meeting with them. It's probably being set up as we speak, but we'll let you know. But North Korea would like to do something. Iran would like to do something. We have a lot of countries in a very good position right now, despite the witch hunt, which hurts our country and it hurts America. But Iran wants to do something. North Korea wants to do something. And China wants to do something."

George Conway, who criticizes Trump daily, retweeted the comments on Trump's response from other experts.

"Selling the idea that POTUS was well briefed was always a hard sell, but this takes it to new levels," commented Sam Vinograd, a CNN national security analyst and senior adviser in the Obama administration. She pointed out that North Korea recently launched a short-to-medium range ballistic missile from a platform in the sea.

George Conway also retweeted Pusan National University political science professor Robert Kelly's comment that Trump reportedly does not read much or pay attention in national security briefings.

Trump "doesn't understand the issues in even a basic manner," Kelly tweeted. "Just listen to his Kim-is-my-friend-and-we're-in-love speeches. This was never serious, and it isn't now."

Donald Trump Foreign Policy Lettuce
President Donald Trump puts his hand in front of NBC News' Kelly O'Donnell as he answers journalists' questions on the South Lawn before boarding Marine One and traveling to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center October 04, 2019 in Washington, D.C. Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Reports indicate that North Korea might be willing to shutter its nuclear program if sanctions on its exports are lifted for 36 months. The Trump administration said it was open to a deal.

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