Georgia Mom Arrested After Allegedly Threatening to Shoot Students Who Bullied Her Son in Facebook Livestream

A Georgia mother has been charged with making terroristic threats after she allegedly threatened to shoot students she claimed had bullied her son.

Cirea Oliver, 29, was arrested at Gainesville Middle School in Gainesville, Georgia, on Monday—hours after she allegedly posted a video on Facebook making threats against students at the school.

According to WSB-TV, Oliver posted a 40-minute Facebook Live video during which she complained about a group of students she said were involved in bullying her son.

The Gainesville Times reported that Oliver said she had spoken to teachers and the principal "numerous times" about the bullying, which she said had severely impacted her son.

"It's breaking my heart because it's like nothing I can do," she said, according to the newspaper. "It feels like his world is crashing, and he feels inadequate and he feels like he's nothing."

Oliver also allegedly went on a profanity-laden tirade claiming she wasn't having any success in getting school officials to resolve the situation—and blamed the students, their parents and teachers.

She also appeared to make a threat to shoot the students she claimed had bullied her son several times throughout the video, according to WSB-TV.

The station reported that in the video, Oliver said: "Ain't nobody calming down. These kids. It's a lack of parenting and it's a lack of [expletive] teachers giving a [expletive] about these kids."

She added at one point: "I'm going to tell you right now, I'm putting a bullet through all y'all [expletive] heads. I put that on my [expletive] kids."

Jeremy Williams, the superintendent of Gainesville City School System, said that the school and school district officials were alerted to the threats on Monday.

When Oliver arrived at the school to pick up her child later that day, officers from Gainesville Police were there to take her into custody with the help of school resource officers, he said.

Williams said he could not comment on "specific student situations," but said the school district uses established procedures for bullying and suicidal ideation.

In a statement to Newsweek, he said: "Our primary focus is to ensure that appropriate resources and services are available to students whenever needed. We encourage our students and staff to inform appropriate personnel when the need for services arises."

Gainesville Police Corporal Jessica Van told Newsweek that Oliver "made several comments about harming the children/staff of Gainesville Middle School" in her video.

She added: "Officers were notified by school officials and immediately took action to ensure the safety of our children. She was arrested at the school around the timeframe she mentions in the video that she would be at the school." Van added that Oliver also had an active warrant out of Cobb County for aggravated assault with a weapon.

Oliver's video has since been taken down, but it wasn't immediately clear if she removed it from her page herself. Facebook has been contacted for comment.

Since Oliver's arrest, a group of parents have formed a new organization called Parents Rebuilding the Village following Oliver's arrest.

Rev. Rose Johnson, the executive director of Gainesville's Newtown Florist Club, told the Gainesville Times that he held a meeting for the parents to share their concerns on Tuesday night.

"There was a lot of distress in the room coming from these parents who feel that they have been not supported by the school system around issues relating to the bullying of their children," he told the newspaper. He added that the parents see Oliver's video as a "call for help."

Online records show Oliver was booked into Hall County Jail on terroristic threat charges on Monday. A bond hearing is set for Thursday, the Gainesville Times reported.

Gainesville Middle School has been contacted for additional comment.

This article has been updated with comments from Gainesville Police.

A Georgia mom was arrested after she allegedly threatened to shoot students who she claimed had bullied her son. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images