Jon Ossoff Says He and Raphael Warnock Will 'Outhustle' David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in Georgia Runoffs

Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff has said he and fellow challenger Rev. Raphael Warnock will "outhustle" the Republican incumbents they hope to oust in Georgia.

Asked about being outspent on ads in the race, Ossoff said he was not concerned and spoke of having a "huge advantage in our ground game."

He outlined the desire to defeat Sens. David Perdue (R-GA), his opponent, and Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) in the state's runoff votes.

"The work that has been done over the last ten years to register voters and build infrastructure and organizing capacity, volunteer recruitment, we are putting all of that to work with a profound determination to win, because the stakes are so high," he told CNN.

He also spoke of people's struggles during the COVID-19 crisis, referring to empty seats at Thanksgiving, and spoke of his desire to win the race in order to shape the response.

"Our ability to respond to this pandemic, and to invest in economic recovery and get financial relief to people depends on victory here. So we are determined to win and we are going to outhustle the other side on the ground to make it happen," he added.

"We've made clear to the people of Georgia that [GOP Sen.] David Perdue is a crook who has abused his office to enrich himself. But it's not enough just...

Speaking about tactics in the race, Ossoff called Perdue "a crook" but said that running a negative campaign was "not enough" to win.

"We also have to present a positive vision at a moment of suffering, when people are looking for direction and leadership," he said. "We have to chart the course out of this crisis and into the next era of this country's history."

Newsweek has contacted Ossoff, Warnock, Perdue and Loeffler's campaigns for comment.

Polling has shown each race running tight, with the Democrats having close the lead on the incumbents. It comes amid major fundraising endeavors by both sides.

The race looks to have a major outcome on control of the Senate. If both Democrats win, it would split the Senate 50/50 between Democrats and Republicans. In the instance of a tie, this would give the Vice President the deciding vote.

Early in-person voting for the Senate runoff races in Georgia is due to begin on December 14 and mail-in ballots have begun to be sent out. December 7 the last day for voters to register to cast ballots in the race. The main voting day is set for January 5

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jon Ossoff speaks at a campaign event in Jonesboro, Georgia, on November 19, 2020. He has outlined what he feels is an advantage over his Republican rival, having been outspent on ads. Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images