These Georgia Strippers Want You to 'Take Yo Booty' to the Polls

At this point in the year, you've probably been bombarded with calls to vote from all over. Be it from elected officials, celebrities or incessant social media posts, you may be sick of seeing ads calling for you to get your butt to the polls. That being said, a group of Atlanta strippers and dancers have banded together for one more ad that's quite literally calling for you to "Get your booty to the poll."

The new PSA, which was shared to YouTube on Tuesday, is targeting "men who are undecided about VOTING," per the description on YouTube. The clip also features a song—composed by actor, rapper and Atlanta writer Stephen Glover—that repeats the line "Get your booty to the poll" multiple times over a simple trap beat. Meanwhile, the dancers twerk (some of them even have "Vote" written on their butts) and pole dance, and also address the camera, breaking down a number of reasons that people should get out and vote.

"You know it's more than just the president on the ballot, right?" one woman says, after another asks if they have your attention.

The women speak about other important elections, like for the District Attorneys, who make prosecution decisions "including whether or not they go after dirty cops." One dancer makes another very valid point: "[You] can't make it rain if you're locked up on some bulls**t."

They also encourage people to vote for school board members and sheriffs and county officials, and make fun of people who don't think voting does anything. "You talking about, 'They're gonna pick who they're gonna pick, shawty,'" before pointing to politicians like Ella Jones, who was Ferguson, Missouri's first Black mayor.

The video ends with a call for people to register to vote at the Get Your Booty to the Pole website, which has a place for unregistered voters to register. The video was directed by Angela Gomes and produced by Paul Fox.

All of the dancers featured in the video are also listed on the website. In a statement, the video's creators said that the attention-grabbing video was inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. "In the middle of the pandemic, while many of us were out of work- we decided that we wanted to help influence the election! Angela, our fearless director, thought it would be a great idea to have exotic dancers from some of Atlanta's finest gentlemen's clubs to tell their patrons and fans to 'Get their booties to the poll,'" the statement said.

Fox told Newsweek in a phone call that some people did appear to be swayed by the video. "I've seen a lot of responses across the board, and I've seen quite a few people who said, 'Oh, I'm gonna go drive to the polls right now,'" he said. "I think a lot of it is joking, but I think there's a lot of people who are like, 'Y'know what? I'm gonna go vote.' It was nice to see people post, 'I'm gonna go vote.'"

While the risqué ad has offended some people, Fox explained that they're trying to reach people that have felt neglected in past elections. "Our demographic is people who don't vote, people who sit around and look at YouTube, people who don't feel like their vote matters. For us, it was really important to remind them that there's more than just the president in the ballot, because we always get lost in the presidential election," he said.

Fox continued, saying, "After the George Floyd murder and all the protests that happened this summer, we thought, 'There's a lot more to the election than just the president.' Look at this whole Breonna Taylor thing that's happening right now. The Attorney General and the District Attorney have decided they're not charging any of those police officers. Well, [the AG and DA] are elected positions. If you want to hold them accountable, you have to vote them out of office. If you decide that you're not going to vote, because you don't want to vote for Trump or Biden, you don't get to vote for them, either, if they're up for election in your district."

A father holding his baby posts his ballot for the 2020 US presidential elections into a special postbox provided by US embassy in Bangkok on September 24, 2020. A new video featuring Atlanta dancers calls on Americans to vote. MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP/Getty