Georgia Woman Bites Uber Driver in Shocking Video: 'Last Night I Witnessed the Zombie Apocalypse'

An Uber driver bitten by a rampaging Georgia woman described as a "zombie" by a witness has set up a donation page for help with his medical bills and fixing the car that is his livelihood, which she also damaged.

A video of the Atlanta incident on August 19, posted to Twitter by a user called Rico, shows Uber driver Yasser Abdul Hadi of Decatur trying to deal with the woman as she climbed over the hood of his Toyota Prius and deliberately broke the wipers.

He had just dropped off a ride when the unprovoked attack began. The woman then entered his vehicle, and he pulled her out, before she attacked him from behind, biting hard into Hadi's side as he screamed out in pain. The video stops there.

Uber bite
Video of the woman biting the Uber driver was shared to Twitter by user @ImSoRico_. Twitter/@ImSoRico_

"Last night I witnessed the zombie apocalypse," Rico wrote on Twitter when posting the video, which has more than 50,000 views at the time of writing.

"She's acting very weird, she's acting very wild, and she's on the car. She's telling me I need to die, kill me," Hadi told Fox 5 Atlanta, recounting the assault.

"The pain, I said, 'God, just let her take my flesh, I don't care. I want her to go away from me.' ... It's horrible, she's hit me in my job, my health and my financial pocket money, it's hard."

Hadi wrote on his GoFundMe page that he has worked with Uber for 4.5 years and has completed 11,500 rides.

"I don't have medical insurance and I don't have enough money for fixing my car too. Please guys help me with that. Thank you so much and appreciate your help god bless all," Haidi wrote, asking for donations.

Lol i can’t make this up , Last night i witnessed the zombie apocalypse 😂.

— Rico (@ImSoRico_) August 19, 2019

Atlanta Police Department arrested 26-year-old Taneesha Denise Campbell of LaGrange in connection with the incident. She is charged with one count of misdemeanor battery and one count of criminal trespass.

According to the police report sent to Newsweek, Hadi told officers that Campbell approached him after he dropped off a customer and began arguing with him "for no reason."

"He then stated she jumped inside of his vehicle and ransacked the inside of his car," said the incident report by Senior Police Officer J. Larca. "She also jumped on top of his vehicle damaging his wipers.

"Mr. Abdul Hadi stated he removed her from the vehicle and while she was trying to attack him, she then bit him on his side causing a moderate side laceration underneath his left arm on his ribcage."

georgia uber driver woman bites zombie video
An image from Uber driver Yasser Hadi's GoFundMe page showing the bite injury left on his body after the attack in Atlanta, Georgia. Yasser Hadi/GoFundMe

The officer tried to speak with Campbell "who then began to yell at me and not let me speak by speaking over me," before she was cuffed.

"The female stated she was at the location for a pool party with friends and stated her purse with all of her personal information, children's personal information, cell phone and cash was missing," the police report said.

"Ms. Campbell stated she then went to look for her belongings which turned into a physical altercation between her friends and herself. Ms. Campbell was extremely irate and very uncooperative at this time.

"She continued to blame everyone she observed while in the police vehicle stating 'they are the ones who did this to me and took my stuff!'

"Ms. Campbell at the time was completely unaware of what just happened and continued to talk about what happened with her personal belongings which took place prior to this altercation as well as police arrival."

Campbell also had two probation violation warrants out, one for a traffic offense and the other for simple assault.

"Upon arriving at the precinct while completing paperwork, Ms. Campbell decided to urinate on the floor," the police report said.

"Ms. Campbell then continued to be extremely irate and began to bang her head against the wall to where she had to be physically restrained by Officer S. Thomas and Officer Stone."