'Can't Resist the Ear Flop': German Shepherd Puppy Melts Hearts Online

An adorable pup has captured hearts online after his picture went viral on Reddit.

Shared on Sunday on the popular Reddit forum r/Eyebleach, user GentrifriesGuy posted the picture of their dog, German shepherd puppy Dexter.

Shared with the caption: "Can't resist the ear flop", the post now has over 27,000 upvotes and has delighted the internet.

The subreddit r/Eyebleach might not sound too positive, but with over 3.3 million members worldwide, it is actually filled with cute pictures and videos to "cleanse" your eyes with—particularly if you've seen something less wholesome recently. "While on the internet, one is bound to come across things one wishes they didn't," explained one member: "This sub is the antidote, a cleanser if you will."

The adorable puppy certainly fits the bill, with his sweet floppy ears delighting Redditors. "Omg. So cute. That beautiful face," said one comment. While another user wrote: "German shepherd puppies are the cutest puppies because of those ears!"

Anyone who remembers 1950s television favorite The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin will remember the signature pointy ears of the famous German shepherd dog—but the breed doesn't have the distinctive feature from birth. In fact, a German shepherd's ears don't usually stand up until they are around 5-months-old. This normally happens shortly after teething because cartilage and muscles that support their ears become stronger.

One Redditor told the poster: "Take as many pictures as you can. They might be standing up by tomorrow morning!" But another commenter wrote: "Ears up day is the best day."

It isn't just Reddit fans that find joy in the cleansing power of puppy pictures, In 2019 computer scientist and professor at the University of Maryland Jennifer Goldbeck undertook a study with 1,800 participants that were divided into three groups.

The first group was directed to spend five minutes looking at popular and funny online posts, the second group spent five minutes looking at cute pictures of dogs and the third group were directed to spend five minutes reading Donald Trump's Twitter feed.

Goldbeck's research found that the group that looked at pictures of dogs reported a significant increase in sense of well-being, while viewing popular content led to a smaller but still significant improvement. The group viewing Donald Trump's Twitter account reported a large decrease in sense of well-being.

One delighted viewer of the adorable German shepherd picture recalled: "We had a German shepherd growing up and I remember [her] showing up looking just like this. Haven't met a better dog since." Another Redditor complimented the picture and said: "The serious face combined with the double ear flop is so adorable," to which the poster replied: "Definitely, that contrast is Doggo-tastic."

Newsweek has reached out to GentrifriesGuy for comment.

German Shepard puppy
A file photo of a German Shepherd puppy in a garden. One adorable puppy's picture has delighted the internet. Barb/Getty Images