Treasure Hunter Discovers Body of German World War II Soldier

The body of a German soldier who died in World War II has been found buried in the Netherlands by a person searching through fields with a metal detector.

The detectorist found the body in the municipality of Best after their equipment fired on pieces of ammunition and the recognition tag of the soldier in the unmarked grave.

An investigation carried out by the Land Forces found that the body was of a German soldier who died while fighting during Operation Market Garden, which took place in the Netherlands in 1944.

The operation, which was carried out by allied forces to liberate the Netherlands from the occupying forces, involved thousands of paratroopers jumping from the sky to key bridges, successfully liberating several areas—including the city of Eindhoven.

The unmarked grave was located close to a landing area for U.S. soldiers between Best and Eindhoven that was subject to a high level of fighting during the war.

The body was found at the bottom of an old foxhole alongside ammunition and a recognition tag, but no other bodies or pieces of military equipment have so far been discovered in the area.

The finding is being investigated by the Salvage and Identification Service of the Royal Netherlands Army, which was created in 1945 and recovers items and victims of the Second World War.

The soldier might be able to be identified by his identification tag, but so far the identity of the body has not yet been announced. Newsweek has contacted the Royal Netherlands Army for comment.

Following the conclusion of the investigation into the soldier, the body will be buried at the German Military Cemetery in Ysselsteyn, Limburg, located in the Netherlands.

Earlier this month, Canadian amateur diver Mark Sarazen discovered what he claims is the wreckage of a plane dating back to World War II at the bottom of Lake Simon in Quebec.

Sarazen, who lives in Papineau, told Le Journal de Montréal that he made the discovery back in April while he was collecting wood from the bottom of the lake for his work.

"It's the kind of discovery you make once in your life. It's truly incredible. From my observations, this is an aircraft from WWII. It's quite amazing," he said, as he confirmed that he has shared several videos and photos of the plane cabin with the police.

Sarazen said that he "saw bodies and kerosene barrels on the plane" alongside six propellers and 150 chests surrounding the wreckage.

Metal detectorist found body of German soldier
File photo of a metal detector in action against green grass background. The body of a German soldier who died in World War II has been found buried in the Netherlands by a person searching the field with a metal detector. nikkytok/iStock / Getty Images Plus