'Get Out of the Car': Internet Slams Mom for Forcing 30-Week Pregnant Daughter To Walk Home

The internet was appalled after one pregnant woman's description of her own mother's shocking behavior went viral in a popular online forum on Thursday.

In a Reddit post titled "AITA for 'throwing a tantrum' while pregnant?" Redditor u/sadpregta recounted a heated argument she had with her mother, and revealed that the argument led to her being kicked out of a car and forced to walk home. Initially published on Reddit's popular r/AmITheA**hole forum, the viral post has received nearly 8,000 votes and 97 percent upvotes.

Explaining that she is 30 weeks pregnant and that her husband recently broke his leg, u/sadpregta said one of her friends had been driving her to doctor's appointments and assured that the transportation arrangement was going smoothly—until her mother intervened. Last week, the Redditor said her mother "coincidentally" showed up just before she was scheduled to leave for an appointment and insisted she handle driving duties for the day.

Not wanting to act "diva-ish," she agreed.

After a stop at Starbucks nearly caused her to be late, u/sadpregta said she received bad news during the appointment and was eager to return home, but was met with complaints and forced to wait through multiple shopping stops along the way.

"I got bad news in the appointment and she just complained about how bored she had been," she wrote, explaining that COVID-related restrictions left her mother waiting in the parking lot for the duration of her appointment.

"She made 5 different stops to shop while I sat in the car just wanting to get home to process the news and lay down," she added. "I said this to her multiple times but it was 'oh, just one thing, just one thing.'"

Pregnant woman kicked out of car
An expecting mother said a heated argument caused her mother to kick her out of the car, leaving her to walk home while 30 weeks pregnant. nicoletaionescu/iStock / Getty Images Plus

However, when "just one thing" became a full day of shopping and visiting friends, u/sadpregta decided that she had had enough.

"She said she wanted to stop at a friend's house... I snapped at her," the Redditor wrote. "I told her absolutely not and I needed to be home NOW. She was quiet the rest of the drive and as we were getting close to my house she said 'Well if we don't do things for family maybe I'll cancel my flight and not come help you the week the baby is born'."

Although feuds between expecting mothers and their mother-in-laws are well documented, feuds between expecting mothers and their own mothers are less publicized, but still common. In a Romper article detailing the potential tension between expecting mothers and their mothers, the parenting magazine recommends that boundaries are set and adhered to.

Despite soon-to-be grandmothers' maternal experiences, it is critical for expecting mothers to make their own decisions during their pregnancies without overbearing outside influences.

"New babies are exciting... all that excitement, though, makes it so easy for helpful offers to turn into overbearing attempts for people to center themselves in the activity," the article reads. "What you allow during this time will establish a precedent for how she'll think it's OK to behave later — like when you have a newborn to deal with and you're exhausted and generally have way less energy to establish and reinforce healthy boundaries with your mom."

Following her mother's threat to not help with her grandchild when it's born, u/sadpregta said she attempted to set strict boundaries, and was forced to walk home as a result.

"I told her there would be no space for her as I'd asked my [mother-in-law] to be there the few weeks leading up to labor," the Redditor wrote. "We were about 15 mins from my place at the time so she told me to get out of the car and left. I walked the rest of the way home sobbing."

While u/sadpregta said that her sisters and aunts encouraged her to apologize to her mother, Redditors commenting on the viral post were infuriated by the decision to leave a woman who is 30 weeks pregnant without a ride home.

In a comment that has received over 3,000 votes, Redditor u/PenniesandSense called out the original poster's mother for endangering her pregnant daughter and being emotionally manipulative.

"Who kicks a pregnant woman out of a vehicle!?" they questioned. "She was so out of line for that alone, pile on the guilt trips and the assumptions and you have one hell of an [a**hole] on your hands."

"Worse," Redditor u/CinderellaRidvan added. "A pregnant woman who just received bad news about her pregnancy."

Responding to the post's top comment, Redditor u/oliviamrow told the original poster that her mother's priorities are out of order, and advocated for limiting contact with her before her baby is born.

"Your mother is unable to consider your needs above her own, or even equal to her own," they commented. "Do not hesitate to cut her off, and anyone else who so readily and blatantly demonstrates that they do not care at all about your best interests."

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