Get Out of Your Own Way: 5 Simple Steps to Reach Your Goal

Before you place the blame on outward circumstances, take a moment to look inward.

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Yes, I said it. Get out of your own way! Get out of the way of yourself.

We all have goals, or we've at least attempted to set goals — from getting in shape to getting the degree you desire.

Most times, we are our own stumbling blocks.

We set our goals, write them down, begin with a sharp focus and then what happens? We begin making excuses. The excuses may range from family issues to work issues to money issues — blah, blah and blah.

What we must realize is that these excuses are not OK. They are verbal stumbling blocks that lead to our demise. We must stop it and get out of the way of ourselves.

How can you do that? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Here are five tips that I find useful when getting out of my own way, and how you can do the same:

1. Face the Truth

Facing the truth helps all of us. I know it helps me when I face the truth. Admit it. You know you are your own stumbling block. You know that using the excuses that you have been using only creates barriers. Confess what's holding you back and then set your mind on moving forward.

2. Revisit Your Goal

Dig deep and uncover why you set the goal in the first place. Is this goal, in its original state, still viable? Does it fit your current situation? Reworking the goal into your "now" will lead you down the path you need to take. Don't give up on your goal; adjust and pivot so it works for you, now.

3. Plan Out Your Goal

Take time to develop a plan to reach your goal. It does not have to be elaborate, but it does have to be a plan. If you don't plan, chances that you'll stick to reaching your goal are slim to none. So, take time to write it out. Breaking down the goal into small, workable steps can yield great results. And the process is not so overwhelming. If you are a visual person, get some colorful paper to motivate you. Or, if you are a tech person, put it in your cell phone or tablet. Whatever works!

4. Make the Reworked Goal a Priority

Give up distractions that will prohibit you from focusing on your goal. Is it social media, web surfing or television? Put it on the back burner or reduce time spent in these areas. If getting your side business off the ground is a priority, scrolling social media to admire others who have done it will not help you. Eliminate the distractions and replace them with goal-focused activities. Aim to do a goal-focused activity daily, even if only for a little bit. Those little bits add up to a lot over time.

5. Take Time to Celebrate Your Success in a Way that Continues to Support Your Reached Goal

Don't do the opposite, like going to eat a dozen doughnuts after losing 10 pounds or something like that. Think about a way to reward yourself that continues to move you forward. For me, finally hiring a full team was what I needed to do to grow my business. I thought I could grow my business alone — not so. I am now celebrating by having time to write this article, and I am stoked! Yes, I even had to get out of my own way.

All in all, we have what it takes to achieve our goals.

Before you place the blame on outward circumstances, take a moment to look inward. Ask yourself the tough questions about what you can do and not what you can't do. You're likely to find that you are the stumbling block. And since it's your stumbling block, pick it up and move it out the way. Repeat as often as needed.

Here's to your goal-achieving success!

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